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When the Ungrieved for Past Besieges The Present
When The Ungrieved For Past  Besieges  The Now Inside, deep, deep inside, there is the wounded one, her hurt so deep she has sabotaged all love in my adult life. She has been so hungry for something to come from the outside to sooth and to see and to attune...

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Prayer for Unity
Prayer For Unity                                    by Lucy Pierce When I go to war with that which diminishes me, when I blame and shame and turn my back, when I take up arms and attack or retreat into bitterness and resentment, I make myself less and I st...

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Listening at the Loom of Her love
“I feel that in our modern western culture we are taught as women to judge, compare, belittle and compete with one another to find our place in the world. Self-love and deep belonging to one's inner wisdom and to the awesome power of our sisterhood is scorn...

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I feel so present at this time to all the peoples gathering
together at Standing Rock. That place feels so very far away from where I am,
the landscape and people so different in so many ways, and yet I feel a
resonance of hope and truth, reverberating acro...

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Leaning into the Unknowable
Photo by Scanlon Carter Photography I
recently had two very beautiful women come and visit me in my home to interview
and photograph me about my practice as an artist living in the Upper Yarra Valley.
The day prior to their arrival I reached for the phone m...

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Medicine Voice
Medicine Voice - Lucy Pierce I had the pleasure   of working with the beautiful Sar Friedman earlier this year on her project Medicine Voice, with an image for the album I and Thou, which she released in May. The process was such a lovely blend of intuition...

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Three Sisters
Three Sisters, their voices weaving the universe together, plaiting
the strands of Cosmos, Body and Earth. Embedding the song into the deep. Connecting hearts and souls with sound, vibration and the joy of communion. Grateful to Megan Frasheski for the insp...

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Earth Angel
This painting is a tribute to an incredible woman who passed beyond this life earlier this year. She left such a profound legacy of abundant beauty and love, of connection and joy,  generosity and realness. I am so grateful to have known her. EARTH ANGEL Be...

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Etsy Updates
I've just listed most
of my images as large cards on my Etsy site. They are printed on
lovely fine art paper with Epson inks and are a nice big size.  It's also to buy 6
cards of your choice at a cheaper price. If there are ever...

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They Trust in the Journey
"They trust in the journey" Prints available For dear friends deeply loved as they embark upon bold new adventures!
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