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Journalist. Futurist. Brit.


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Wow. A lot of strong opinions on my G+ op-ed here, pro and anti: 

To be clear: this is an opinion piece, focused on Google's attempts to make people use its social network rather than the quality of that network itself. I was quite up front about the fact that I don't use G+, and was explaining the reasons why. This is not a review of G+ -- we've written plenty of those, such as this recent assessment by Christina Warren:

I also made it quite clear that I wasn't denigrating anyone who loves G+ -- "it works for them, more power to them." Nevertheless, some commenters say that the fact I haven't publicly posted on G+ means I have no right to opine. So here you go: a public post. :)

I'd love to hear from power users, and indeed from any of the 12,590 people who apparently have me in their circles. What is the one thing you would do if you were a new user? What one thing do you think might turn me on to the joys of G+?

PS. here's a prime example of the kind of thing that confuses new users: I actually have no idea if this post is going to be public or not! Because I mentioned Christina, G+ has added her as a recipient -- and I've no idea if anyone other than her is going to be able to see it. UX fail. 

[update: I had to cut and paste this into a new post in order to make it public! Serious UX fail.]
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