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The doors are soon to open on the new Chandaria Cancer and
Chronic Care Center in Eldoret.  27
months after we actually broke ground on the 100,000 sf facility it will open
to begin serving those in need.    The new facility will open in phases with the
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Heartbreak in Paradise
  All of East
Africa including Kenya is geographically unusual and stunningly beautiful in
many ways. With white sand beaches and turquoise water at its coastline, volcanic
mountains dotted with plants and animals unseen in other parts of the world,
iconic ...
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Smiling Faces
When reflecting on the lives of Kenyans , sometimes I am
amazed at how “happy” the Kenyan people seem to be. They have so much to be
concerned about, have gone through so much, and continue to deal with so many
things that people in the developed world do n...
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A Fine Line
It’s interesting living in a country where there are a lot
of needs yet the country is working hard to be independent and people are
highly sensitive to the reality that they “need to do it themselves.” It’s a
fine line, we have found, figuring out when and...
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The Splendors of Kenya
Since we are soon going to leave Kenya, we wanted to share
some of the more positive aspects of what we have experienced here. We have
been here for 2 ½ years now and have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit.
 We've been all the way south west to Lake...
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Of Concrete, Radiation Oncology Bunkers and heading into the Holidays!
November 27, 2014 It is shortly before Thanksgiving as I write this blog.  Without a doubt thoughts stray to family and
friends back home this time of year but we are very fortunate to have a fine
community to enjoy Thanksgiving with this year. Work on the ...
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Heavy Loads
 The people of Kenya,
seem to be inherently tough.  After
spending 4 months in the US where everything is automated or mechanized, it’s
easy to be impressed by physical labor, which is very commonly done here.  The contrast to how things are done at home is...
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Safari Njema (Safe Travels)
This past summer I had to take many driving trips in the US
and it highlighted for me how I feel about driving in Kenya vs. the States. Driving
in the States is so easy and enjoyable compared to driving in Kenya.  As someone who doesn’t really love being in...
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July 6th Talk at UUCCI Our lives and work in Kenya
Why we are there? AMPATH In December of 2011 Michael and I signed a contract with
IU/Kenya, which is a medical school partnership, to oversee the building of a
new chronic care facility in Eldoret, Kenya.  The public hospital
in Eldoret, the Moi Teaching an...
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Into The Home Stretch
It has been nearly 2 years since we left Columbus and headed to Eldoret.  Thankfully due to the hard work of many men
and women the 100,000 sq. ft. Cancer and Chronic Care Center (CDM) is really
beginning to take shape.  The efforts in
all regards are begin...
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