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I'm hauntingly late to the party, and can't play much these days. But, I used to do a game design thing where I looked at mechanics and gave players suggestions for decisions: #dicenerdery ahead. Sorry if a repeat.

I'm only look at basic mechanics here, but special abilities shouldn't change too much. I crunched numbers on dice, and here are the big points:

Key Takeaways

Rolling 2d and keeping the lowest … is a really bad idea. Just awful. Push it and get 1d if you can.

The shift from 1d to 2d is worth it.

Your character gets really effective at 4D (duh). Anything lower means failure or partial success is more likely.

Every die you add cuts your chances for a bad outcome in half! So, ask yourself, what's good enough for this situation?
* Do you just want at least some success? Settle for about 3d.
* Do you really need full success? Shoot for 4d. It's usually worth it.

Details below...

It's early. Say, 1983. Your church, which you love to participate in, tells you that, "If you have friends who don't love the Lord as we love him, you should probably not be friends anymore."

What do you do? 

It's now, say 2014. Your enlightened, erudite friends tell you "If you have friends who do not have social ideas as we have social ideas, you should probably not be friends with them anymore." 

What do you do?

Is it the same in either case?

To me, it's the same, in exact detail. The prudishness. The puritanism. The limitation. The self-flagellation. The power maneuvering. The cliquishness. The derision. The manipulation. The justification of ends over means. The lack of empathy and understanding by those claiming moral high ground.

I cannot get my head around this notion: If you have bad thoughts about large, abstract swathes of people, but you treat specific individuals pretty much as a decent person should, you are still persona on grata.

I find this damning of ideas terrifying. Yes, of course, there are behaviors that are unacceptable, friend-ending events. Would that this behavior limited itself to the knuckle-dragging troglodytes, no?

I have given up trying to make sense of this. Closing off avenues in social media has made me far more productive and happy, which is less sad than it is stress relieving.
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Most unbodacious
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I'm raising money for Crohn's disease research and support. 

Please consider a donation.

I have Crohn's disease. It's no fun, but many people suffer much worse symptoms than mine, like another family member walking with us.

Thanks for thinking of our many bathroom trips and yucky medicines!
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It was a Game of Thrones weekend! I finished A Dance With Dragons, which despite some oddities, I enjoyed very much.

Then, we watched episode 9, the battle at the wall. It was fantastic. Loved that episode -- especially the giants and mammoths.

Then! I did some live action play myself where I pretended I had the Pale Horse outside Mereen while doing colonoscopy prep. It was very realistic!

Crohn's disease can suck it.
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Sixgun a Dud, news at 11

It's time to give up the gun.

Pulling together a zine is tough. I knew this going in, and that's why I set a goal for myself of $600 per issue to make it worthwhile. And, content from creators is tough to pull together when they've got so many great creative things going on, too. After several months, I haven't met either goal. It's time to close the effort and move on.

I can't say how much I appreciate you patrons who've shown support for the idea! Thanks so much. And special thanks to +MadJay Brown  and +Tim Koppang  for being princes among men!
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Twitter: Great for news, even better for misunderstanding one another.
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We're kicking the BattleTech campaign up a few notches. Here's the new system map I created for our new tournament style campaign.

Next step is a board-game like map of each world that has big picture objectives. Each one is a single battle site, like a space port or a canyon home base. Then, each side tries to gather up spots that grant resources and victory points. The objectives also have some fictional consequence, like capturing a spaceport lets you shift around lances between world theaters as you shuttle the mechs between planets. But the anti-aerospace gun objective would prevent the other team from doing this.

It's going to rock. 
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As much as I love the other Marvel heroes, I'm definitely a X-Men fan from my younger days. 

So, X-Men: Days of Future past was great for me. All the X-Men facing the Sentinels was heartbreaking for the little kid in me. And Warpath, even!

That Quicksilver scene was, for my money, the most fun scene in any Marvel movie to date.

So, sure, there were parts I wondered could be better, like Wolvie actually doing more stuff, or more action in the future. But, all told the movie was fantastic and me and the family loved it.
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