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Tracey Emin's work entitled: BED.
It was shorted listed for the Turner Prize in 1999.  It consists of the artist's unmade bed, along with other items from her bedroom such as condoms and, a pair of knickers with menstrual period stains. 

Is this art? The experts think so. What do you think?
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Hi Neil, How's it going? I remember being shouted at for walking on this in the Tate.....could be art!
experts make much about what is art and what is not and I find most of what they say just shows how they want us to listen to them like sheep being rounded into a way of thinking that has been defined by themselves, so we will think like them. it seems to me that anything can raise questions and the most important question raised by anything, artwork or not is "is it any good"
I'm looking forward to this being installed in a museum where they fail to inform the janitor of its status as an art work.
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