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Fix Unfold3D in Maya LT 2017 Bonus Tools
If you are getting this error in Maya: Cannot find procedure "Unfold3D" there are few possible solutions: Make sure Unfold3D plugin is loaded. If plugin is loaded, edit file bt_autoUnwrapUVTool.mel in maya's script directory and make sure that all reference...

Note to self.


Another battle lost. Sad.

-USA Today
-Vice (Yeah, Shane, where are all the grown-ups?)
-The Guardian
-The New York Times
-The Washington Post

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Something for the weekend:

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How to move pivot point in Maya
Simple MEL script to move pivot point for selection to worlds 0,0,0 point. string $sel[] = `ls -sl`;
string $mesh;

for ($mesh in $sel)
move 0 0 0 ($mesh + ".scalePivot") ($mesh + ".rotatePivot");
} Useful, when moving levels to game engine. P.S. Does...

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Another one bytes the dust
An absolute classic and speaks volumes about the reality of software process lol.

Oh, memories...

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