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Carey Gibbons
Librarian, headbanger, tattoo fanatic, cat enthusiast, book hoarder, pizza connoissuer.
Librarian, headbanger, tattoo fanatic, cat enthusiast, book hoarder, pizza connoissuer.

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Best and Worst Books of 2016
Oh hi! It's time for the one post a year I put up on this blog - best and worst books of the year. Even if I posted more, this would be my favorite post because I love lists. I love best and worst of lists. Best and worst of lists are on my "best of" list o...

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The List of Shame
I woke up like this. I guess I lied about not making anymore posts this year. I was trying to be positive with my notable books list and with the exception of Slade House by David Mitchell, I really liked all of the books I listed. But as the day went on, I...

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It's the 2015 Notable Book List!!
Oh hi, Jujubee! I usually do a best book/worst book blog post at about this time of year. And because I am hella lazy with this blog, it appears to be the only post I will do this year. However, I'm going to do things a little differently. There were so man...

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My niece - she is Bat Baby!

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My Best and Worst Books of 2014
I love Best Of and Worst Of lists. December is a magical month for me when every media outlet compiles lists of everything that was awesome or terrible in the previous 11 months, from pictures of cats on Roombas to bullshit gluten free recipes for cronuts. ...

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Minecraft: What? Why?
I'm really smart. I know this about myself and I'm not going to be shy about it. But there are different kinds of smart and unfortunately, I am not the right kind of smart to make decent money with my brain or survive a potential Lost type of situation. Onc...

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50 Shades of Why
I already confessed this on facebook, but I have done a horrible thing. I read the first 150 pages of 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James. long, drawn out sigh I've been curious about these books for a while and as a library employee have had much more exposu...

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Adventure Time is Tops Blooby
I am an unashamed superfan of Adventure Time . This is a picture of the backs of my ankles. Yes, those are real tattoos. My legs only look a little unshaven. Have you ever tried to shave over a fresh tattoo? AT sometimes comes under attack for being a show ...

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Mood Reading
I had a brief chat with a friend/library patron today who I shall call T because that is the first letter of his first name. He asked whether or not one's reading enjoyment could be affected by one's life situation. For example, if a person is having a real...

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More Itty Bitty Book Reviews
Because who doesn't love things that are both itty and bitty? Itty Bitty Evil Committee Sleep Donation by Karen Russell: Here's an itty bitty review for an itty bitty book. I loved this. There's a world wide insomnia epidemic. People can donate and/or recei...
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