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Eat to live, delighted and fullfilled
Eat to live, delighted and fullfilled

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My Mom's Lunch out Buffet Celebration for 559Php/person #CityBuffetSmFairview

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#cheapbuffetbreakfast #finio 
after the tiring work the whole night....a birthday treat fm one of my colleague saves the day ^_^

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For me, my MOM will always be the best cook! 

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Sharing Filipino dishes with the family is the best. #karekare   #sinigangnababoy   #lechonkawali   #chopsuey  #recipeRestaurant

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its been awhile since my last post...but now im on track again and will share more about my FOODIE GOODIE experiences in the future..

Here's my first attempt with this vegetable salad I learn from a friend, 
to be honest I really don't know the name of recipe, but it has celery, cucumber, tomatoes with vinegar and hot sauce dressing then just add salt and brown sugar for your tastebuds. 

Note: on the picture you'll see the tuna spread (left)  i made. Its just tuna, mayo, black pepper and celery ^^

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- Caliraya Resort Club, Laguna -
With great amenities and good food -- its a FOODIE GOODIE must!

Check out the link below.
Foodie @ Caliraya Resort Club, Laguna [Buffet] (5 photos)
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having my break in food blogging so many things to be done...see you soon.

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January 02, 2012

Dinner time with Hainanese Delights this time with Singapore Staple.

Singapore Staple - Noodles w/delicious soup plus a sweet tender chicken..
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January 01, 2012 A New Year Foodie Experience @ House by my Sister

One of my favourite event every year is the New Year's day.
We never fail to have good dishes presented on our table,
this serves as thanksgiving for the year to end and welcoming the new year with
positive outlook in life.

Filipinos never failed to present 12 fruits that are circle in shape on their table, we believe that it brings luck for the new year.

We have simple foods on our table, thanks to my little sister who cook those foods for us. (No I shoud be grateful you know why? Remember I don't know how to cook..T.T)

Spaghetti, Barbecue, Puto and Fruit Salad.


I surely start the new year right with those foods!?!!!!

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December 25, 2011 Christmas Treat for the Family @ Rai Rai ken

Remember my RaiRai Ken experience ?


Restaurant that offers wide variety of Japanese cuisines.
Last Christmas day (December 25, 2011) as my gift to my family I treat them to that restaurant.

We ordered the RaiRai ken bento, Bulalo Ramen, Steamed Gyoza and Yakimeshi fried rice.

We had a great time, bond while experiencing foodie goodies.

The Bulalo Ramen is a noodle recipe with bulalo soup - this one is requested by my father, and he really loves it coz he's the only one who consumed the whole bowl of that noodle recipe.

Steamed gyoza, a dimsum dish, I must say it really rocks.

And a great fried rice the Yakimeshi, its very festive it has meat, vegetables and rice that already made this a complete meal.

all in really made our Christmas day worth to be remembered. Of course don't forget to thank God almighty. ^^p

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