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People talk about aliens, want to know, street view, top secret and could see
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Midnight Raven's profile photo
Midnight Raven
reviewed 2 weeks ago
There is a way you can enter undetected and i have see some weird shit going on around the hangers. Also Area 51 has a 30 floor area underneath it there is an elevator in one of the buildings I don't know why people say this place is heavily guarded when i was able to get past all their so called security they cant check everywhere there's always that one gap but im lucky enough to have people from inside give me intel.
Meenu Gupta's profile photo
Meenu Gupta
reviewed 2 weeks ago
I have not seen aliens but area 51 is an superb area but i dont like people who say area 51 is just an hotel or a bunch of sand if they dont know about the real area 51 then the know nothing about the world and america i know that there are hangers more than 3 army bases its a top secrete place i have also listned that there are dead bodies of aliens and the pictures here are totaly fake i also have listned that f15 and f16 are mounted to security of area 51 and if its an no fly zone and its not only that much that its seen there are underground 4 levels also area 51 has underground network of tunnels all around america and white house i live in india but i m interested in top secretes like area 51 and recepie of coke and must say that area 51 is the most top secrete place in the world there are no words to discribe area 51
• • •
Stas Volgushkin
reviewed 3 weeks ago
So I was there and I saw the GRATATA dude. I came up to him and he said "ya fufu lame shit I ain't with it, sends some shots at your fidie" I was like nooooooo and he was like "GRATATA" and he shot at me and I dodged the bullet. Than I saw aliens and they started to break dance they where really hood. After they got done we had a drag race. I was in a 2014 twin turbo Mitsubishi Evo and the aline was in a 1998 Toyota Corolla. And I won. So I had a great time. This really happened no joke. Lololol
• • •
Ashish Dharva's profile photo
Ashish Dharva
reviewed 2 weeks ago
I saw ufo in this area the ufo are wondrying here n there The ufo is flat, round and 2,3 different structure people are present This is hypotethical concept by me
Mohamed Ghabin
reviewed 2 weeks ago
Matthew Lysenko
reviewed 4 weeks ago
To all the people who think this is fake or this is bullshit because the gov't is hiding the "real" thing, I would say that this IS the real area 51. What the gov't doesn't want you to see is INSIDE the base. all these runways, hangars, and military aircraft are not important to the gov't. Another thing. To all the people who think that aliens don't exist, I say that the universe is gigantic. It turned out that our planet was far enough from the Sun. As a result, our planet was not too cold, not too hot. Therefore, it had the right temperature. The probability that at least one other planet was the right distance away from its own sun is extremely big, due to the fact that there are millions of planets, including ones that we haven't even found out. Therefore, there are many planets that have alien life on them, even if the alien life consists of micro-organisms or small plants. Oh, and a message to Jack Harkness, if you look close enough, you will realise that the "bunch of sand that looks suspiciously unlike its surroundings" actually contains two runway-strips that are extremely hard to see from a great hight. Also, if you look south of the "bunch of sand," you would see that there are a number of hangars and other runways, along with some military aircraft. Not "Area 51" enough for you?
• • •