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Donna West
Just a woman travelling this journey we all call life
Just a woman travelling this journey we all call life

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Spring Break
I want to start off saying that for me personally, this was the BEST spring break ever! We did not go anywhere out of state, or to some incredible water park. Nope, we stayed in the GR area the whole week. So what, you may ask, made it so great? My attitude...

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March fun?
I am generally not this far behind on updating Willow's journey with hydrocephalus when something happens. Yet, this time; I faltered. I didn't jump right in to share to her story, or the fact that she was admitted to the hospital. I posted on my personal F...

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February already?!
Willow is doing incredible! I looked back at the last post, and realized I left you all in a place of wondering. I guess if you are on my Facebook page the answers were all given, but that wouldn't be fair to others who may not be. I am sorry. Let's go back...

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Emotions and oils
F ebruary is a great month to be reminded to care for oneself. According to mass merchandisers, it is a great month to spend a bunch of money on the 'love of your life' and spoil them like crazy. But, there is something I have been learning lately, and work...

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Daily maintenance
Well, a lot of people have been asking how can one really incorporate essential oils and our other products into their daily routine. Well, it has to be a decision made that you want to live healthier in order for you to actually make this a routine and not...

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New year - New you... same words, different story
Ah yes, the wonderful new year has arrived! With it, comes all the resolutions, the hopes, the dreams, the goal setting and all the ambition to change who we are or how we look, or whatever it is we may not be happy with. I am not knocking any of the above ...

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Time for a change
So every so often, I get this bug in my butt that says it is time for a change. It seems to be tied to a change in the seasons, or a change in my outlook in our life, or some other rather large thing that happened in our life. Friends, a change is on the ho...

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Start of Kindergarten
Oh how Willow loves to be in school, learning, hanging out with friends, making new one's. Oh the life of a five year old kindergartener! She started the year off with a little scare in September, an overnight stay in the hospital where we learned that her ...

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Willow's Summer
Willow has finished preschool last week, and has enjoyed every day off so far. This girl can both crack me up and drive me up a wall within five minutes. She is set to go to the doctor tomorrow to get her cast off, and she is more than excited about that. I...

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Preschool has ended
Willow's last day of preschool was yesterday.  She did a great job this year and has grown up so much this past school year. Yesterday was not only the last day of preschool for her, but also the last day of receiving any services.  She has gone through occ...
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