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Living the Luxury Life: style & class guide
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Talking about romantic beds... How about this exclusive classical styled king-sizer?

Welcome! How great that you're joining us. You most probably landed here because you are already living the luxury life or you're planning to live the dream as soon as you possibly can.

Let me start off by saying that there is no such thing as "A" luxury lifestyle. There are so many kinds, I even sometimes lose track of them! Most commonly we can define "Luxury Life" if the person in question is either:

Old Money
Nouveau Riche
Arcien Riche
Self Made Millionaire
Self Made Billionaire
FIUYM (Fake it until you make it)

And a few more. We will all explain those "classes" at a later time on this page.
By the way, something about class... Strictly speaking, class is not money. But they're so closely linked that it's absurd to not associate them. (People do try, though. Paul Fussell, in his very odd book Class makes this claim, but it's not at all convincing.) If you think they aren't, try convincing Old Money people that you're part of their social network without any.

Please do hang on in here and don't forget to follow us. We will regularly post quite interesting stuff related to Luxury Lifestyle, Money, the Class system and overall success in life/business.
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