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This backlash is stupid to me. I think it what she said was meant as more of a playful joke/attempt to be cool than as an insult. It's 2012, why do people still get in such an uproar over this word when it's used on a regular basis anyway?

Jay-Z And Kanye To Blame For Gwyneth Paltrow’s Use Of N-Word | Hip-Hop Media Training (NEW) - Yahoo! Music
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Over the past couple years, I've done good to mostly remove it from my vocabulary. As for the word itself, I just refuse to give it any power by getting mad at it, especially used in a joking situation like this.
I guess I look at it like if Jay & B aren't upset or offended by it, I don't see why others would be. If she meant it in a negative way, they would've been the ones who it was directed to. Considering Paltrow was also in the picture (unless I've seen the wrong picture), I think that just further shows no harm was intended.
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