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Tears streaming...hear'ts fucking screaming...fucked over again.

Home from step and I learned all of the Oscar Step! Now I needa get my own flow with it, add a bit of Abby ya know(: And I needa get the transition down tonight.

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Expect me to be on this more, got the Google+ app on my phone and it is the sexiest thing I've seen in awhile<3

If you want to love, you have to abandon hate... don't let anger steal your joy. - saw this on facebook from a friend, real true.

+1 everything, you know[:

Birthday Dress - Lil Play<3

I'm the type of girlfriend that'll make her guy a sandwich without havin' to be told. We can chill on the couch and eat our sandwiches while we watch movies♥

Try - Frank Ocen<3

Jupiter is the planet that watches over me, gives me luck throughout my life. I love it (: It's been a pretty lucky ride soo far.
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