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Approximately 49,750 people will be diagnosed with cancers of the mouth, throat, tonsils and tongue this year. Learn the risk factors:
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What you eat matters! Here are the best foods for your dental health.
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We thought this was an eye-opening article and wanted to share with all of our followers out there - it's amazing what links have been found between oral health and overall health! Take a moment and read this article nad let us know if you have any questions at your next check up!
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Why choose Reynoldsburg Dental Associates for all of your family’s dental needs? We are a full-service dental office that opened in 2014 and have quickly become known for providing the best dental care available while utilizing the newest technology, coupled with the highest level of customer service around. We are confident you simply cannot find a better place to come for your dental care under one roof! We work with most insurance plans and are now accepting new patients at our new office, conveniently located at 6100 E. Main Street, just 2 blocks east of I-270E in the Medi-Court building in suite #100. Come see for yourself why Reynoldsburg Dental Associates has been rated so high on Google and why we are second to none!
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Happy New Year! Start the year off with bright, clean teeth. Schedule your appointment today!
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Congratulations to Lynol, our 4th quarter $250 cash prize winner! If you're not coming to Reynoldsburg Dental Associates, you should because that's where it pays to see your dentist!
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You have paid your insurance premiums all year – you have EARNED your
dental benefits, do not let them slip away before your remaining
benefits expire at year's end.
1. Yearly Maximums
Your dental plan gives you a maximum of what can be spent on your
dental care on an annual basis. This amount varies between insurance
companies, and averages around $1000 per person per year. These
maximums are typically reset at the end of the year, and if you have
unused benefits, they will be forfeited.
2. Deductibles
The deductible is the amount of money that you pay out of pocket
before your benefits begin to take effect. The fee varies between
insurance companies and could be higher if you prefer to see a dentist
that is out of your network. When your plan rolls over, you are
required to pay your deductible again to start taking advantage of
your benefits.
3. Premiums
If you are paying for dental benefits, you should be taking advantage
of them! This sounds simple, but there are many people that do not
exercise their benefits and let the insurance company take that money
away from you, and put it straight into their own pockets.
4. Fee Increases
Another reason to use your benefits now is because it is always
possible that fees will be raised to accommodate for the cost of
living or increased material costs. An increase in fees can also
raise your copay.
5. Dental problems don’t get better over time
By delaying treatment, you may be opening the door for more extensive
treatment to be needed in the future. What may be a simple cavity now
can turn into a root canal or extraction down the road. Treat your
teeth with care now, and they will thank you for it in the long run.
Call us at 614-694-0363 if you are interested in finding out if you have any remaining benefits for the year. If so, we will be happy to schedule an appointment you. If you do not have any recommended treatment, this may be your chance to upgrade your smile with a quick whitening before the holidays. By completing your treatment before the end of the year, you will be able to maximize your insurance benefits and enjoy better dental health.
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With trick-or-treat right around the corner, it's important to think about the steps you can take to minimize the risk of cavities. Check out this helpful article!
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Do you need your teeth cleaned? We have a few openings for Tuesday, September 27th if you're interested just give us a call at 614-694-0363!
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One good reason to visit not just any dentist, but REYNOLDSBURG DENTAL ASSOCIATES, is our $250 CASH GIVE-AWAY.....don't delay, call us today! Next drawing will be held on 09/29/2016!
If we can't bribe you with cash to come see us, at least consider a visit If you suffer from any of the symptoms in this helpful article from the Cleveland Clinic
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