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Bill Binder
Improvisor at The Torch Theatre
Improvisor at The Torch Theatre


I've been dormant for a while. I should change that.

In brief. Star Trek, He-Man, TRON, Improv.
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Lots of talk about bringing X-Men into the MCU. Would that be cool? Sure. But That doesn't mean that All the old X-Men movies should retroactively be "Oh, those things also happened." The X-Men films were fine (on average) but they were a very different thing.

They didn't try to make Toby Magquire's Spider-Man part of MCU. They hopefully wouldn't bring Trank's Fantastic Four into the mix. Just start fresh.
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What Butch said
FUN FACT: It took forever to get our official policies around safety and harassment finalized and posted because we tried to involve lawyers to make sure we were doing things correctly.

This is not hating on lawyers - BUT - If you ask a lawyer "how do we keep people safe?" they will tell you "here's how you protect yourselves from lawsuits and liability in case something happens"
When you follow up with "That's not what we asked for - we asked for good policies to help keep people safe" you will get back "you cannot promise that people will always be safe" and more ways to protect your own ass.

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OK, so here's a question for my Star Wars / Doctor who friends. (Or hey, I'm open to Firefly, etc opinions).

So, there have been many spaceships in Star Trek over 50 years, each slicker and "cooler" than the last. I can admire that. But this ship below is forever ingrained in my psyche. When I see it, to this day, I get butterflies. It fills me with the same curiosity and wonder and excitement to face the unknown as it did when I was 11.

Does the Millennium Falcon do that? Does the TARDIS? This is "not" a competition. I'm genuinely curious what kind of visceral effect those things have on you.
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Honest question. I've been using Windows 10 for a while now. I like it. I don't LURVE it. It works. It's fine. It really should almost be called Windows 7.1 It took the stable OS of Windows 7, added a couple minor security tweaks. A couple of minor file management tweaks, added a new music player. Added a little "news" banner to the start menu.

Going from Windows 7 to 10 is hardly noticeable. Windows 8 was a universally declared disaster.

So why the hate? I could see hate or love it if it was some drastic departure from what went before. But it's not. I've actually had people use my computer and say "Hey, have you seen Windows 10? It's garbage." And I say "You're using Windows 10 right now."

I've heard some people had some problems with the actual upgrade process. Sorry about that, but why the scorn for something so negligibly different?
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This post is mostly for me. I'll be adding context later with pictures.

Five years ago, if you told me Darius would be finally getting an action figure in the He-Man lineup, I would have said "Um... Sure. OK, that's cool I guess."

But now that he's only a couple weeks away and I've got a much larger respect for the Galactic Protectors. I can't wait. I know NONE of you have nostalgia for this obscure character, please just be happy for me.

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A quick question for curiosity's sake.

Hey all of my non-Trek friends.

Which of the following do you have at least a vague recognition of, as being a "Star Trek thing"?

Red Shirts
"I'm a doctor, not a ..."
Deep Space Nine
Pon Farr
Pike (or - "that weird guy in the wheelchair")
Live Long and Prosper
Prune Juice
"Edith Keeler Must Die"

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This video has been on YouTube for nearly 6 years and I just saw it today. I've failed you all.

End of Line
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