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If you will be in the Los Angeles area around April 24th, I will be a panelist at the upcoming Social Media Club of LA and just realized the co-creator of Farmville is part of the lineup! Exciting!

Here is the event info:

Businesses are working hard to acquire and retain an audience by gamification these days. In this Social Media Club discussion we hope to answer a wide range of questions and to hear what social gamers think about "freemium" games and what to expect of them.

If you're managing a brand and have thought about using a social game as a promotion or a way to introduce an audience to your product, this panel is for you! If you're a professional wondering how this will affect the way we see products within a gaming environment, this is for you! If you're just curious to learn more about social gaming (Draw Something, anyone?), join us in April!

RSVP here:

Our social gaming expert panelists include:
Zao Yang - COO, Betterworks, Co-creator of Farmville (@zamland, @betterworks)
Valeska Jacques - Co-founder/Partner Channel/Strategy Agency Partnerships, RIVVID (@webbuzzybee, @rivvid)
Trina Finton - Founder, Gaming Angels (@gamingangels)
RSVP now!

Networking, Registration: 6:00 - 7:45 PM
Program and Q&A : 7:45 PM - 9:00 PM
Venue: ING DIRECT LA Cafe (West LA) - 11175 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA (310) 445-0429 ‎
Free parking in the building, please carve out extra time as that intersection is a monster.
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