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HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." So the sale of aborted fetuses by Planned Parenthood may not only be the only (sic) wrongdoing uncovered by the Center for Medical Progress. In
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he's very good, intelligent and articulate

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By Todd Starnes, Fox NationWhat I am about to tell you is politically incorrect. The truth is that Islamic radicals live among us, waiting to wage jihad against the infidels
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He can't, it would go against his fellow scum Lisa brothers!!!
Have him in circles
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Key Republicans called on President Obama Wednesday to reveal two secret “side deals” contained within the Iran nuclear agreement, deals that, as it stands, members of Congress and the public will not be able to review.
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A second video has been released, more disturbing than the first.
A second senior Planned Parenthood abortion executive explains how it uses a "less crunchy" method to harvest body parts from murdered babies.
Then it sells them.
It shocks the conscience.
Yet taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood admits what it's doing. The abortionist in "negotiations" over the price of these aborted babies' organs jokes, "I want a Lamborghini!"
The abortion giant is padding its bottom line at the expense of defenseless babies.
It's diabolical.
These atrocities must end now.
We've taken on Planned Parenthood in court and won. We're filing critical briefs at the Supreme Court that could shut down abortion clinics committing this evil.
Right now we're demanding Congress defund, investigate, and close the loophole Planned Parenthood is exploiting to sell babies' body parts.
Congress is already reacting, but we need to hear from you to defend life now.
Sign Our New Petition: Shut Down Planned Parenthood's Evil.
Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

Charles Wierzbicki

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Gov. Scott Walker (R) issued an executive order to arm the Wisconsin National Guard in the wake of the Chattanooga attack.
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'Cause the cops have such a wonderful record of not shooting unarmed blacks?

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Like it or not, Hillary Clinton is the individual most likely to be the next president. So it's worthwhile looking closely at her words on economic policy.

Charles Wierzbicki

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Four U.S. Marines, barred from carrying weapons at naval training facilities despite explicit ISIS threats against our military, are dead in Tennessee. Another service member and a Chattanooga police officer survived gunshots after Thursday's two-stage massacre allegedly at the hands of 24-year-old jihadist Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez
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OK. Just too many weirdo people circling me. People who don't even have a profile photo of a real person, people with strange names and no profile filled out, and who obviously have little or nothing in common with me.
So from now on, if you don't have a real profile photo and a descriptive profile, or if you're obviously a lawyer or promoting some sort of business, I'm not  going to just not circle you back -- I'M GOING TO BLOCK YOU.    Note To Obama Death Care Pages i will slam you and block you, Do Not Add Me, get it

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If you are standing against Obama net neutrality, welcome if not them i will just block,
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