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Connector...Mom...Founder and CEO of Zoetica
Connector...Mom...Founder and CEO of Zoetica

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At almost any conference about social media, the inevitable question will be asked, “But how does that social media strategy or tactic work for B2B companies?”

This month, our panelists are going to tackle this question as we look at one company who has successfully implemented a content marketing and social media outreach strategy, and a consultant who has worked with a number of B2B brands. Bring your hard questions and join us as we delve into how B2B brands can harness the power of social media.
Some of the questions we will explore include:

• How do we choose the right social media channels for our company?
• What about all the new networks and features that seem to come out every day, how can we use those effectively?
• Do you have to have a lot of great content to be successful at social media?
• We don’t have that many resources, and we aren’t that interesting. What should we say?
• How do you get a big following on social media?
• What is the ROI of social media for B2B?

Bring your own questions and challenges and join us for straight talk about how B2B brands can use social media successfully.


Kristina Halloran
Supervisor, Content Marketing Manager, Insperity

During her first few years at Insperity, she served as the web content developer and creative marketing writer. She spent her days writing a wide variety of print and online marketing materials. But her main interest was in the Insperity Blog – she saw its potential and worked feverishly to create truly valuable content that would position Insperity as an industry thought leader. In 2012, she became the content marketing manager. In this role, she helped create and implement Insperity’s first content marketing strategy, which included creating and maintaining a formal blog and social media strategy.

She is responsible for creating and overseeing the development of a wide variety of light and deep content, including websites, email marketing campaigns, landing pages, blog posts, e-books, videos, digital ads, etc. In addition, she manages the company’s social media strategy and presence, including building brand awareness by creating/sharing engaging content and establishing a community of HR and business thought leaders.

Connect with Kristina and Insperity
Personal Twitter:

Anh Nguyen, Owner of Amplified Marketing

When Anh was first introduced to social media, she immediately saw the potential for marketing a business or brand! It’s an important tool in the marketing toolbox for organizations of any size. She works with B2B clients across various industries on their marketing efforts – both traditional and digital.

Anh hosts MobileChat, a weekly Twitter chat on all things mobile. Anh was invited by IBM Mobile to attend the 2016 Amplify Conference, as a Futurist and social influencer. She is a contributor on IBM’s Mobile Business Insights blog. Recently, Anh was ranked #17 on Eric Tung’s Houston Top 100 Social Media Power Influencers list. Anh launched Social Media Collaborative in August, 2016, which is a community focused on education, connection, and collaboration for marketers, business professionals, and business owners.

Connect with Anh:

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You can Watch this Event Live Online as Well >>>

Hosting an event can be a great way for brands and organizations to connect with influencers, raise awareness about a product, service or cause and build awareness. But there is often a gap in expectations between what a brand hopes to get from these events and what an influencer can deliver. Often, organizations don’t understand what influencers need to be able to effectively share events and products on social media. So, brands walk away from the experience without getting the social media response they expected and assume that an influencer strategy “doesn’t work.” Collaborating with influencers can be very effective, but it requires all the right ingredients. The panelists will share solutions for bridging the gap between what brands provide and what bloggers and influencers need including:

1. What to do before the event: how to choose and invite bloggers, compensation models, and setting expectations
2. What influencers need during the event: Setting the stage (literally) for success, making your event shareable, how to work with influencers at the event, who should be at the event
3. What to do after the event: sharing the influencers content on your own channels, following up and building a long-term relationship that will pay off in dividends


Sarah Shah, Image Expert, Author and Speaker

Sarah Shah began using her blog and social media to provide resources for her image and media clients, share her TV appearances and highlight her services.
Overtime, her social media took on a life of it’s own. Brands invite her share their fashion shows, events, products and services on her social media channels. Her following is smaller, but very engaged. Sarah has appeared on TV more than 90 times, has over 100,000 views on YouTube and a Klout Score of 65+.
Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook:@SarahShahTV

Jaclyn Kent - Blogger experienced in PR Partnerships

Jaclyn wears many hats and not all of them are stylish. She is in a small corner of the internet that combines fashion and motherhood. Jaclyn had partnered with brands like Shoe Carnival, Elaine Turner, and Francesca's. She has also hosted events with Peska Seafood Culture, Hotel Sorella and Kendra Scott both through corporate contacts and PR contacts.

Facebook/instagram @BeautyAndTheBinky

Allie Danziger, President and Founder, Integrate Agency

Don't let her 5-foot tall frame fool you; Allie is driven, full of spunk, creativity and drive. Fueled by Diet Dr. Pepper and a daily minimum of three cups of coffee, this thriving entrepreneur is dedicated to surpassing expectations and developing strong client, media, employee and community relationships. Leading the team through booming success over the past 7 years, Allie is creating quite a niche in the PR industry with uniquely "integrated" campaigns that capture people's attention.

Allie started Integrate to help brands and individuals differentiate and prevail by embracing change and integrating new and traditional tools in their communication mix. Her experience, network and management skills cultivate the top PR, marketing and social media professionals in the industry who, under her leadership, consistently deliver the best results for clients across a wide-range of industries.

Allie's well-connected finger is constantly checking the pulse of today's fast-paced social media and digital worlds, always searching for the next big thing that can help clients' businesses flourish. She is a recognized speaker in the industry, delivering her insight and unique perspectives to audiences across the nation.

Integrate PR’s Profile

Allie’s Profile:

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Every major social media platform now features video as a core offering, and video is only bound to become more important with live streaming and more. Spicing up your social media with video is something that every social media manager needs to learn. We have invited the producers of the award winning “My Houston” campaign for the Greater Houston Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

We will talk about:
Storytelling with video and how to get ideas
Capturing an authentic story
Production and publishing techniques
Using your mobile phone to make great videos
What types of equipment you really need


Rebecca Wells, lead producer, Zenfilm
Ross Wells, director and creative lead, Zenfilm

Zenfilm is a central US-based motion picture production and post company. The company owned by the producer/director team of Rebecca C. Wells and W. Ross Wells. Zenfilm is both a Latino-owned and woman-owned business. The company has received dozens of awards including Emmys, Addys, and numerous film festival recognitions for their innovative work since opening their doors in 2005. Ad agencies, record labels, corporate clients and municipalities have come to rely on Zen for beautiful and effective broadcast, web-based visual media and branded entertainment content. They are the creators of the national tourism campaign “My Houston” for the Greater Houston Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. Zen also develops deployment strategies utilizing social media for clients. Zenfilm world headquarters is located in a converted victorian paint factory in historic downtown Houston.


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It’s difficult to talk about politics, even when you’re advocating for equal rights, open data, or sending kids to college. With the presidential election news cycle in full swing, it has become even harder to talk about policy and government in the public square, especially in social media. In these troubling times, how can organizations get the word out about important initiatives and causes without huge backlash online and beyond/

Join this month’s panel to hear about their experience working with the public sector, and learn new ways you can make a meaningful contribution without getting dragged into the political fray. Learn how social media fits into this and how individuals, non-governmental companies and organizations fit into the puzzle. We all have a role to play in the public square.

In this discussion our panelists will talk about:

• How to talk about important social issues online in a non-politicized way
• Using social media for advocacy and change
• Why companies should consider adopting a cause-related brand strategy
• When it makes sense to form strategic partnerships between companies, nonprofits and government
• How to deal with online backlash, when it occurs, and make advocates out of enemies

Jeff Reichman - January Advisors, Sketch City
Jeff Reichman is the founder of January Advisors, a technology consulting firm, and Sketch City, a nonprofit community of tech and data advocates. One of the main areas of his work is open data and government transparency at the municipal level. Jeff also sits on the board of the League of Women Voters of the Houston Area, where he leads projects related to voter issues and advocacy. His work has been honored by the Houston Business Journal and the White House, among others.

Chris Valdez - Primer Grey, Project 1550
After spending most of this century on the agency front or client-side as Community and Search manager for a Texas Fortune 500 technology manufacturer, Chris counts among his achievements six ADDYs for his work as a copywriter and art director. In his previous lives, Chris has worked with brands such as Bacardi USA, American Heart Association, Dell and ConAgra Foods. Today he handles strategy and creative direction at Houston-based Primer Grey, a digital marketing and web design agency. He’s a fan of dive bars, fine restaurants and Third World countries, and when not working can usually be found in any of these places. He currently serves on the boards of two Houston non-profit, C2 Creative and the Hispanic Family Initiative, and is an active court-appointed advocate in Harris County with Child Advocates, Inc.


Aimee Woodall - The Black Sheep Agency, Better Make Room
People builder, dot connector and big yesser of life, Aimee is the person that skes “what if” and “why not” and is ever-tuned into the undercurrent that boldly gets clients to the next level. She is the founder of the Black Sheep Agency, a cause-driven brand strategy firm that works with companies who balance purpose with profit. They work exclusively with nonprofits, civic organizations and for-profit companies that prioritize social responsibility. They are working with FLOTUS to change the conversation about life after high school for Generation Z through the #BetterMakeRoom campaign and serving as a member of the Creative Alliance, a collective of top creative agencies that support social good initiatives on behalf of Civic Nation, a non-partisan, non-profit organization that brings together public and private stakeholders to run campaigns dedicated to increasing civic engagement and community organizing.


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Facebook Event link:

Authentic storytelling is a reliable way to ensure that you connect deeply with your audience and build a base of fans that relates to you wherever you are, offline, in person and beyond. Our guest this month, Dayna Steele, will share with us how she has done just that. Dayna’s fans, called the Steeleworkers, have followed Dayna from her early radio days to her current social media platforms. Why have these followers (customers) stayed with Dayna to this day? She tells her story with authenticity every time. We will talk with Dayna about how she’s been able to stay true to authentic storytelling and learn about her latest endeavor, and most personal story, “Surviving Alzheimer's with Friends, Facebook, and a Really Big Glass of Wine.” 

Our discussion will cover:

-The components of authenticity in social media
-How to share authentically without grandstanding
-How much authenticity is too much
-How to be a storyteller instead of a storyseller
-How to build a loyal fanbase that feels more like a friendbase

Bio - Dayna Steele is the creator and CEO of She is the author of Rock to the Top: What I Learned about Success from the World’s Greatest Rock Stars and Surviving Alzheimer's with Friends, Facebook, and a Really Big Glass of Wine. She is also the creator of the 101 Ways to Rock Your World book series, a Rock Radio Hall of Famer, and a successful entrepreneur. Dayna is currently traveling the country as the Chief Caring Expert for A professional business speaker on leadership and employee success, Dayna is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Fox News Houston, and consults Fortune 500 companies. Dayna Steele is married to author and former NASA pilot Dr. Charles Justiz.

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With more than 400 million stories created every day, SnapChat is hot, hot, hot with the young demographic. 71% are under 34 and 45% are between the ages 18-24. Users are mostly female, a whopping 70%.

If you don’t know the difference between a SnapChat story and a filter, this Social Media Breakfast event is for you. Learn why you should. At 9,000 snaps per second and 8 billion daily video views, SnapChat is a huge opportunity for marketers that understand how to create effective content for the platform and its users.

During this session we will discuss:

• How to find and work with SnapChat influencers
• How to create geo filters on SnapChat
• Why SnapChat Stories are the new TV
• How to effectively use SnapChat for business
• How to cross promote SnapChat to other channels


Timur Daudpota 

Timur Daudpota is the Co-founder and Head of Product at Blurbiz. Blurbiz is a scalable, cloud-based platform that enables media companies and content rights holders to instantly create, distribute and monetize vertical video clips on Snapchat. 

He is the winner of 2014 SXSW Startup Challenge hosted by Gary Vaynerchuck for his startup Kandy Kruisers. His team beat several high-profile startups by involving celebrities and creating high profile awareness with the judges. He Co-founded 3rd Largest Social Media Touring company. His start-up was the only non-tech company to get accepted into a Tech Incubator. 
He has been featured on TEDx Talk, lead a $1 million fund, and has been featured in numerous magazines.

Snapchat: Smtd90 
Instagram: TimurDaudpota

Hamza Amir

Hamza Amir established himself as one of the premiere resource for agencies, MCN's and brands to work with Gen-Z social media's influencers. He managed some of the most influential Online influencers, such as "Alex from Target," and Kenny Holland. He helped to facilitate the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards as well as multiple brand activation events.

Snapchat: hamza3amir 
Instagram: hamza3amir
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