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We are the Leading IVF & Fertility Chain in India
We are the Leading IVF & Fertility Chain in India

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ICSI Treatment

ICSI in Delhi, ICSI Cost in Delhi, Low Cost ICSI Treatment in Delhi, ICSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. This treatment is one magical thing for all those couple who are facing problems with the pregnancy. Nobody has a doubt on the skills, treatments, and the techniques of the medical world, so this treatment is also one of the many boons by the medical world.

ICSI Process

This treatment is beneficial when it takes place during the In Vitro Fertilization process. Usually, this treatment can be helpful for those couples who have faced failure with IVF in the past or who are having problems with the male infertility. This treatment is done in the five steps. Read ahead and know more about it.
• can be two ways to take the sperm sample from your partner. Either the doctor will take it from the semen of your partner or will extract it from his testes or epididymis surgically.
• After taking the sample of sperm of your partner, the doctors will take out the sample of your eggs surgically.
• With the help of a tiny needle, a sperm is injected in an egg.
• Once the injection is done successfully, then the egg will be monitored for the growth.
• If the egg has a normal growth, then it will be implanted in your uterus.

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IUI in Delhi, IUI Cost in Delhi, Low Cost IUI Treatment Hospitals in Delhi. IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination. This is a treatment that is involved in the fertilization system. With the help of this treatment, male’s sperm is placed inside the uterus of the woman to encourage fertilization. The main purpose of this treatment is to increase the number of sperms that would reach the fallopian tube and increase the fertilization chances.
This treatment can be considered as a head start for a sperm, but as far as the fertilization is concerned, then the sperm would have to reach the egg and fertilize it on its own.

Using IUI
Basically, this treatment is for all those couple who are facing the problems while conceiving due to the less number of male sperms or low mobility of the sperms. But, there are some other situations as well, in which IUI can be used-

• Ejaculation Dysfunction • Infertility • Cervical Scar Tissue • Severe Cervical Condition

But, if you are suffering from the following problems, then it is recommended that you must stay away from the IUI treatment-

• Severe fallopian tube disease • History of pelvic infections • Moderate or severe Endometriosis
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n Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Delhi, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Treatment Centers in Delhi. There are many couples who get blessed with a child in the initial years of the marriage only, and then there are some of them who don’t get the privilege of being parents in so many years. There can be many reasons for this situation. No matter how much you try, you just don’t conceive. At that time of the darkness steps in IVF treatment. Know about it!

What is IVF?

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization. It is the most popular technique and can be called a ‘test tube’ technique in the true sense. This technique was evolved almost thirty years back and is a boon for all those women who have a damaged Fallopian tube.

This treatment is mainly for those women who have a problem in conceiving. With the help of this technique, the egg gets fertilized outside the body. This technique can be performed with either your own egg/sperm, or someone else’s donated egg/sperm, or combination of the both.
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Best Test Tube Baby Centre in Delhi, Best Test Tube Baby Center in Delhi, Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi. The Assisted Reproductive Technology, as pregnancy called across the world, are known technology as Test Tube Baby Procedures in Delhi. The Invitro Fertilization, which establishes tagged on which still advanced. Intro Cytoplasmic Injection which further developed into different kind of Surrogacy forms has given a ray of hope to the barren couples worldwide. Now, their techniques, thanks to media which gave all priority in populating them by news coverages and symposia on Test Tube Baby procedures worldwide brought in all the social acceptance and should come within the reach of all sectors of society. Now we find a Test Tube Baby Centre called with different names called IVF Centres, Fertility Centres, Surrogacy Centres etc,.. are available in every room and corner of city, at least urban habitats worldwide and the governments of different countries have been made suitable registrations on regularisation and legalisation the Test Tube Baby procedures like IVF, ICSI, Surrogacy, and there is every need for the Insurance companies to formulate suitable schemes to complete the procedures recognition Infertility too, as a disease.
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