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Just an old fart looking around
Just an old fart looking around

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Well, apparently Facebook has crashed on me.  Anybody else not have access to Facebook at all?

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The Virtue Protest begins in +City of Heroes Freedom .  We will not go out quietly.

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+Felicia Day 
I don't know if you've heard of this, but on August 31, NCSoft has decided to shut down Paragon Studios and City of Heroes.  The last day is November 30.  The community has decided to fight back on Facebook (!/groups/SaveCityofHeroes/) with petitions ( and letters to the CEO of NCSoft.

I know of you from The Guild videos and other works.  I also know that you are also a gamer.  From what I hear of you, you have a love for gaming.

I don't know if you've ever played CoH, but I feel we need a lot of help if we are to save this game.  This game has created a wonderful community that share a common bond, our love for super-heroes and gaming.  Our community has transcended from the game.  We know it's just a game, but many relationships were formed there.  I know of some couples who met in the game and have gotten married.  I know that sounds a little sappy, but to some of us, it's a beautiful story.

I guess I'm asking you that, if you can, you lend your voice in support of the game.  City of Heroes has been around for 8 years and many of us would like to see it continue for many years to come.

If for any reason you can't help, I understand.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Eric A. Carr, aka Blacjac84

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SOPA and PIPA was just a battle. The war still rages on.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claims that this bill is for our protection as well as the integrity of the upcoming elections. Do you agree?

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So, Ginobili's broken hand may be a blessing in disguise?

Looking thru some of my boxes, I have a lot of Sega Genesis games, PlayStation games, C-64 games and software, and early IBM games and software. I'm wondering if there is actually a market for collectors for this stuff.

Maybe a lot is an exaggeration, but they are taking up space. :p

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Wow! Are the Clippers serious about becoming a contending team?

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Robots dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller - - - ah-mazing!
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