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My Australian Pet Peeve is Beautiful
According to the experts, when one moves abroad they
go through four phases of adaptation to the culture: 1. Elation-
or the honeymoon phase when “Everything here is so different and exciting!” 2. Resistance-
when expats compare the new environment to what ...
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Moving- Part 3: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving… In Australia
When you are born and raised in the northern
hemisphere, and then move to the southern hemisphere as an adult, it’s hard to
grasp the holiday spirit.   Even when I
lived in Orlando, and wore shorts on Christmas Day while working at Walt Disney
World, it sti...
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Watching THE Footy, While Drinking Fairy Floss on Father’s Day
Australians go out of their way to confuse us
Americans.   For instance, they drive on
the left.   Of course, after my excellent driving lessons in Botswana this is not a problem for me.   But I did save the life of a tourist the
other day when he failed to...
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Around the World in 101 Days (and counting!)
In the classic novel, Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne, Phileas Fog wagers a £20,000 bet that he can circumnavigate
the globe in 80 days or less.  Using a combination
of steamer ships, trains, and alternative modes of transport, such as an
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UGG-ly Americans
“PLEASE!   Tell
your American friends they are doing it all wrong!” And with that exclamation, I bring you today’s blog
post. At my previous university, I used to take
my students to New York City each November for the Hotel Show.  During those trips we sta...
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The Ben & Jerry’s Human Development Index
When I travel I love to visit grocery stores.   I think this is an excellent way of
determining the cost of living, the local tastes and it’s an interesting
opportunity for people watching and seeing how people interact with one another
and the level of cus...
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The Big Book of Baby Names
I’ve decided not to buy a car here in Brisbane.   Public transportation is good, parking and
petrol are expensive, and I can’t imagine I would really need a car that
often.   I figure if I need to make a trip
in a car I will just rent one for the weekend. B...
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Call Me Maybe, But Probably Not: The Sim Card Blues
A couple years ago my father and I went to see the
movie Jack Reacher .   Tom Cruise was in the movie and there were
lots of explosions.   But the take-away
for me was that Tom Cruise’s character lived “off the grid.”   He didn’t have a phone or a credit ca...
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Citation Nation
As an
undergrad, I didn’t fully understand what professors did.  I would like to say that now that I am a
professor I comprehend this better, but I still can’t be sure. At
Hopkins, where I did my undergrad, to a certain extent the professors had a
poor repu...
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That’s right, Neighb OU rs.   We are in Australia now.   We have to spell like them, even if we- the
royal “we” that is- don’t talk like them, yet. Neighbours is the longest running soap opera in Australia. 
It’s like General Hospital Down Under.  The main ...
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