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Frank Wissing Madsen (Worldbank)

"We therefore think that #IATI over the next 2-3 years IATI should be focused on consolidating IATI’s considerable achievements and increasing the use of published data, rather than innovation or expansion to a broader range of development finance"


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Example of the IATI Studio ChartBuilder. Building an IATI Chart: Panama USD inflow (april 2016)

I am unable to find the discount code for parts. Did Google Community also change the layout to communities? Seemingly unable to search in Micro Drone 3.0 but only able to search everywhere. Thanks for the help / coupon code.

My Drone crashed and one of the blades broke off including the part that actually connects the wing to the blade (a small pin that is supposed to rotate the blade I guess). How can I fix this? Can I order/repair a seperate drone arm?

[edit - found someone else w the same issue and solution.]

Pretty cool #IATI  mapping!
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