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Hanike Treisce
Sadistic Demon Kitty! Geek, Gamer & MadScientist
Sadistic Demon Kitty! Geek, Gamer & MadScientist

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"No night can last so long that the sun never rises again..." (Sergio Pirozzi, mayor of Amatrice #Italy)
Hope all my Italian friends and their families be safe and fine.

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Every single time I watch Scott Devine playing with his buddies, I feel like getting my bass and having some fun with the grooves! hehe <3

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Abandoned ships, lost crews, mystery... Ghosts 'n' Ships!
#NavyRLZ #LifeOfASailorsKid  

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Awesome concert from Japanese Visual Kei band Lynch. being transmitted/commented on NicoNico Douga (NND) by the band! They are super funny as usual! =D

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Spectacular Balkan Gypsy band making a wonderful presentation! =D 
The main reason I decided to create the [Projekt:Kagura] by +Kurokawa Projekt. was to raise attention to such wonderful indie artists out there that otherwise would only be known in their own country or among some specific fan groups!
We expect to start Kagura operations pretty soon! ^^
#Gypsy   #Balkan   #Music   #Kurokawa .de #Kagrra  

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This is really nice,@suhuguitar! Thank you for sharing! 

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Tabletop RPG + Ninja clans wars setting == a bloody GM in love! :D <3
Just shared some love and pre-ordered my Master book! hehe...

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Really nice Brazilian "samba-jazz"!
Would perfectly match with some deep Bass "heartbeat", ne! ^^
Oh, and lovely solo by @Dan Grasso at the end! Thanks for sharing! :D

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At MIT, a highly-advanced quadruped robot cheetah has been in the works for quite some time now. The Biomimetic Robotics Lab has spent five years developing a battery-operated, autonomous quadruped, and they’ve been able to teach the robot some amazing tricks. In past videos, we’ve seen the MIT robot cheetah run on treadmills, run around untethered in a park, but this time, the robot cheetah is now hurdling over obstacles all by itself.
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