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Isle Royale Runcation 2016 (Second Boat)
Isle Royale National Park can only
be reached by boat or seaplane. This journey makes the destination more
magical. For Tom and me, it first meant a long drive from Mankato, but it
allowed us to stretch our legs with some trail miles on the Superior Hiking

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Bighorn 2016
I approach the Bighorn 100 having run only a couple times in the previous three weeks due to nursing a bad knee. Maybe that rest was good. I have an itch from poison ivy on both legs. And I'm intimidated by this race--I dropped at the turnaround last year. ...

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Zumbro 2016
The race director checks his emails while marking course a couple days before the race. My toes sting with cold at the start. My head is congested and I'm nursing a sore throat. A couple miles into this, past the Telephone Booth overlook and under the lovel...

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Broken Leg
Tom Kurtovich has been working with
the Superior 100 since its first year. In that first race, on the original
course that ran from Silver Bay to the Cook County High School in Grand Marais,
he was working an aid station at County Road 6 when a man came up ...

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What's your key to success at Superior 100?
From the forthcoming book, Superior. With gratitude to finishers of the Superior 100 below. April Anselmo : Positive attitude, and the
drive to want it, along with putting in the time on feet to train in all sorts
of conditions. Maria Barton : Be
at one wit...

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Why Run Superior?
The following responses are from finishers of the Superior 100. I am grateful for their generosity. This is a part of my forthcoming book about the race. April Anselmo : My first 100 miler, Kettle Moraine,
went so badly. I was ill prepared. But I finished. ...

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Superior 100 Frequently Asked Questions
Superior 100
Frequently Asked Questions (with a lil help from John Storkamp) 1. How far is it? Great question. Trail races are rarely standard distances,
and the organizers like to make sure you get your money’s worth. The current
course from Gooseberry Sta...

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Zumbro 2015
I was scared of Zumbro this year, more scared than usual. I came limping into it after a winter of calf issues, IT band issues, and a downhill fall at Seven Mile Creek that I still feel sometimes in my left knee. I didn't have the amount of winter miles I h...

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Diptheria Run
Str8t Red Jacket Trail behind YMCA. Mileage starts at red stair
rail. 0 Rt Rt under tunnel/ Hwy 90 3.4 Left, and quik rt Just after bridge leave RJT to left and turn right at
bottom of hill. Run up closed road. Jump fence at top of hill. 4 Left Left on ...

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Saint John USVI Runs and Hikes
Over half of Saint John's land mass (and two-thirds of the island if you include water) is US National Park. That makes it a trail runner or hiker's dream. The book Saint John: Feet, Fins and Four-Wheel Drive is an awesome guidebook.
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