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William Hayes
William Ivan Hayes, Home Town, Portland, Oregon!
William Ivan Hayes, Home Town, Portland, Oregon!

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Ahhh, the 3D printed Sacrificial Rocket Engine is looking very good, now to jig up and build the Printer that does not exist. It will be nice to not have anymore waste built into the lift stages indeed. The New Antihelium Magnetic Ion Engines printed right onto the Reentry Vehicle after the Mains burn away will mean no more bouncing off the Atmosphere, we will just point her straight down. The math does not lie right...
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I have the time in my life to say hello everyone, I love you all, I hope to be able to keep up again with you all my friends. They say I sound like a Felony, a braying mule in my hometown, they say I am a racist for speaking of how the people of the Earth are being robbed of their Cultures by a Robotic AI banks drones spraying Killsanto on everyone all day. Line of Robotic Drones flying up to scanĀ  us for metal whilst we sleep while all the People of Earth are relentlessly brow beaten with the Eugenocists obsolete Science of Racism to distract us from the fact that all Humanity is at the back of the line at the Bank. The last of the Human, all worrying about what color or race the human is standing next to them, hoping their 45 Yen transaction will be complete in the next 8 days.
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