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No one could ever understand the true feeling of Love and the effect it has over you unless you ever truly fall in Love with the person who is meant For You. The Universe finds a way to bring the people who are meant to be together based on the frequency of their hearts into a Collision that is out of their control to finally meet face to face who defines their reflection of Love, loyalty, trust, purity, innocence, friendship, and all the characteristics that make up Forever. But if after that collision where LOVE is ultimately tested, both the souls involved can't see the truth that's in front of them, because of their inability to let go of whats behind them and their fear of the past reoccurring and their inability to see that all the pain and hurt that has happened to them through their experiences with others was to secure and ready a bond with their Soul mate, to empower them to endure anything and enlighten them to know that the secret to having everything is to know you already do within yourself to give it to your Soul mate, then their Forever is Lost into another lifetime if it can ever be found again, and both souls involved will go on forever incomplete in their lives, they'll be compatible with anyone because of their spiritual makeup but never complete because they didn't embrace their DESTINY with their Soul mate. So all one can do is have One last Cry, not because it hurts us but because we know our Soul mate's decision will Hurt themselves, and the pain of seeing our Love Lost is more overwhelming then our Soul mates neglect of Us, because we were meant to Endure all obstacles put in front of us to protect them, but nothing we can do can protect them from themselves and the pain is more than one can bare until we find strength still from their Love that existed between our collision to move on to to still give purpose to this Life, even if it is half heartily from losing them, to still continue to help the world full fill its Destiny and still help the World be a better place.......My One Last Cry to others to continue to Believe, because their is still HOPE in belief, Always, Forever....

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