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Yes, I'm still alive.
Yes, I'm still alive.

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A friend of mine has requested that I run a FtF Talislanta campaign for him and some others.

Now there are five editions to this game; I own the first four. After reading online about the editions, it does seem like there are significant flaws in 4th/5th, despite the slicker production values (4th is gorgeous, I must admit).

So does anyone have any experience running a Tal campaign? My general sense is that 2nd is the simplest, most efficient rules set to choose, but I have to wonder if that can be attributed to my OSR experience. I don't always think that older is better and newer worse, but it certainly seems that way with Talislanta.

Tips from a Burned Out Pendragon GM
(A semi-occasional column/rant.)

I would suggest to any prospective GM of Pendragon that you not stretch out the scenarios for any average year, but instead zoom through them as fast as you can.

Note that I said prospective GMs; if you have already progressed along in your campaign, this advice won't be that useful.

Years that are important to the campaign, with lots of events, will be long in any case, in terms of sessions played to complete them. This will nicely balance with the years which take a single session or less, and get you through the campaign faster.

This helps you avoid burn-out, and allows players to better appreciate the passage of time, which is one of the pillars of Pendragon, and so should be cultivated, not ignored. 

Has anyone else received this? When I go to the post on G+ I get a 404 error.

Rapier Miniatures:

We at Rapier Miniatures are proud to announce that we have signed a licence agreement with Chaosium to produce a range of figures for this world setting.

We are starting in Prax, and will be rolling out a range od Bison Riders first, closely followed by Morokanth. We also have plans to expand our chaos range beyond Scorpionmen and other ideas.

The figures will be done in 28mm (foot to eye for standard humans) and in 6mm to allow larger scale battles to be fought.

May Issaries Bless our venture.

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I remember seeing his name in Wyrm's Footnotes quite a bit. I thought some of you might like to hear about his passing. 
I'm very sad to learn of another OSR death tonight. Another of Dave Arneson's original players and a tragic loss to the Rune Quest community this evening.
He was another very nice gamer & someone I shot a few emails back and forth about Runequest. Sigh..

Keleno's Faction

The Faction of the Ever- Consuming Shadow of Sarku
Power: 1
Wealth: 2
Influence: 1

There are many mysteries associated with the Southern Continent upon which squats lonely Linaro. Was this place colonized of Engsvanyali Empire? If not, what are those ruins scattered about the area? Did the Dragon Kings or other ancient regimes conquer this area? Some unknown empire of the south? What secrets may this empire may have hidden in their ruins?

Problems/Issues: Keleno wants to be Indiana Jones, while the rest of the priestly hierarchy wants to solidify the area as a stronghold of Sarku in this part of the world.

Natural Resources (1): Access to local resources that can be converted to liquid capital with which to purchase additional assets. These 'resources' are ancient volumes, minor magical items, etc.


- Find some building that can be the temporary quarters and work places of the Temple of Sarku. Set up a temporary shrine for Sarku, either in this building, or in the Necropolis. (Faction Action)

- Find out who is in charge of the Necropolis, and begin to 'negotiate' for control of it. (Faction Action) (Aithfo is, so this is dealt with.)

- Scout the slums and warehouses for the site of the temple of Sarku, overlooking the graveyard. (Faction Action)

- Try to get in the good graces of the administrative priest of Sarku who is greedy and likes pretty things. I will plan to build him a squat tower, with a top level for his personal quarters, which is well ventilated, with a good view. (Kelano action). (Done)

- Investigate the possibility of summoning a demon for the purposes of: inspiring terror of/respect for the new Governor, creating a temple of Sarku, or destroying the slums.

One of the things I hear all the time from OSR/DIY guys is the desire for an OSR style game that could support WH40K role playing. So I would like to hear some opinions on the subject.

Bonus points if you actually address the questions below, but feel free to tangent.

Is there an SF OSR rules set that could do this right now, with only minor tweaking?

How necessary is it for someone to be able to plop down an Inquisitor figure on the table and expect it to do everything an Inquisitor model is supposed to do in 40K?

Is there anything that can be learned/extracted from the FFG line of 40K RPGs?

What's the best resource to mine: the original Rogue Trader or some other version of 40K?

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This will be the first official glimpse of the new version of RQ, which will be going back to it's old-school roots.
Iconic, mythic and returning this year in a new edition from Chaosium: RuneQuest!

Look out for the Quickstart Rules and Adventure on FreeRPG Day 2017: here's a first glimpse of the cover...

Is this correct guys, as far as you know?

XP Total Date Award
9650 1/6/2017 300
9800 1/20/2017 1170
10385 1/27/2017 No Game
10385 2/3/2017 No Award
10385 2/10/2017 No Award
10385 2/17/2017 No Award
10385 2/24/2017 Absent
10385 3/3/2017 No Award

XP is mine, of course. I am mostly interested in tracking the awards correctly.

+Chris Cunnington, do you honestly believe that +Zak Sabbath traced over photographs to create the artwork that inspired MotBM when you said,

"In "We Did Porn" you learn Zak takes a lot of photos. All the woman art in the Maze of the Blue Medusa started as photos. And then Zak doodled on them. Now they're art."

or is this some sort of justification for why you don't share the opinion, shared by even his detractors, that this is a work of excellence?

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