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“There are no rules here. We’re trying to accomplish something.” ~Thomas Edison #grow
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Ahora que estamos en elecciones y tal, conviene recordar...
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Buenos días g+. Algún lavado de coches por teatinos?
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Hi there.
I followed the ZF2 tutorial in order to write my CRUD. Also I had integrated this CRUD with datatables (
It works fairly well but when I try to tune it or change in order to suit it better to my data model I am having difficulties.
So here is my question.
Is there a "way to go" to do CRUD's in ZF2?
A reason to choose datatables is because I had pagination, sorting, ajax (and whatnot) "out of the box".
Is there any other way to achive this more elegantly?
Thanks (and sorry for my English).

Ok, I need some help here.
I have several services for my authentication and ACL. I have no problem on it.
But I need to render few part of my layout depending on user privileges.
I think I could access to those services from this layout but I am afraid it is not the way to go.
Could you guys give me some advices?
Thanks in advance.

Is there any code convention for handling errors in PHP-ZF2?

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Como mola! supongo que también tendrán drones para llenarlo u.u
Originally shared by ****
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Hello there!
I am quite new programming in PHP and therefore in ZF2.
I usually program in Java.
As I started with Zend tutorials, I am developing a simple tool.
It begun as a simple application for my own use, but I think it can become handy for anyone that as me have hard time trying to put together all content (books, films, games and what not!) owned.
My English is not any good, almost as bad as my PHP ZF2 skills.
Anyway the code is in GitHub and I would be pleased if any of you would like to use-copy-improve-or whatever.
I think it would be too much to put the link at my first post, so I will wait if any is interested, or if someone grant me this privilege.
I also have few ideas to try.
Happy coding everyone!

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Supongo que lo conoces pero por si acaso.
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Estrenamos formato para la entrada de #LasOfertasDeLosViernes, espero que os guste. Es más directa y además podéis seguirla según el ritmo que queráis.

Este fin de semana encontrar rebajados títulos como Chivalry Medieval Warfare, Bastion, Just Casue 2, Resident Evil Revelations, Elder Scroll V: Skyrim, Leisure Suit Larry, Dungeon Siege III.

Para tener más información entra en o sígueme en Twitter
Las ofertas de los Viernes
Las ofertas de los Viernes
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