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Publication fee studyAn article by David Solomon and Bo-Christter Bjork provides an overview of article processing charges, looking at the range of prices charged and the relationship between charges, impact and number of articles being published. The average APC was found to be US$906 but there is a huge range from a few dollars to several thousand. The authors conclude that journals are clustering into the following groups:few high impact journals charging $2000-4000,many large biomedicine journals charging $1500-2000,fast growing number of megajournals charging $1000-1500,commercially-published journals charging $500-1000,low-priced society and other journals pricing less than $500.The article is available as a pre-print.

Durante la próxima década la información será más oro que nunca. En un mundo donde se ha generado más información en los últimos 10 años que en el resto de la Historia, la capacidad de filtrar y comprender todo esa enorme cantidad de datos procedentes de la investigación científica generará cientos de oportunidades de negocio. Veremos mucho dinero alrededor del esfuerzo de convertir esos datos en información útil.

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We already have more than 500000 readings at our publications on Scribd!!

Keep doing works to move our journals to a more secure server

Our new site for is online
Simple and clear. Hope you like it

The first post in this page is to say we are experiencing problems with the server for our journals
We are working hard to reinstall OJS and set journals as soon as possible. Our office team is going to do extra hours to have it ready in record time, though first we need to hire a new server.
Hope next post is good news!
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