"Leaving" Instagram even further behind, for Flickr

I created my Instagram account when the Android client arrived, and I deleted it roughly one week later, when the Facebook acquisition was announced.

And now I'm joining what I believe may be a nascent movement back into Flickr, where I used to share photos I particularly liked, or that captured particular moments. Android phones make it rather easy to "send" a photo out to Flickr, and Flickr's Android app, while not quite as nice as their very graceful iOS app redesign, is quite nice.

Google Plus is still a handy way to automatically upload/backup photos, and to share out events and the like. But I've used Flickr intermittently since 2007, and here's what is most novel and likable about it: they have never bothered me about my inactivity, never tried to sell my photos out, and allow me to set the licensing I prefer for my own photos.
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