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Jack Montgomery
Enjoying Hiking & Dining on and off the Beaten Track
Enjoying Hiking & Dining on and off the Beaten Track

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In her portrait she stands tall and proud against a cobalt sky, head and shoulders above her companions. Her long slim neck rises from strong shoulders and her face is turned away so only the soft lines of her milkmaid’s bonnet are visible...
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We wake to the aroma from grogue stills and sound of children’s laughter as they pass on the way to school. Hetty picks us up in a mini bus with a driver who supports Liverpool FC. We like him despite this. Our route starts on the coast beside a pig farm...
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Seven nights spent exploring three islands with guides and accommodation arranged by Archipelago Choice revealed that many people who visit Cape Verde only ever get to see the purpose-built version.
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In truth I needed something to put a smile on my face. Four days of walking in drizzly rain had dampened spirits considerably. I wasn’t feeling the Bavarian love. The scenery might have been inspirational but not for me as it had kept its curves concealed under a blanket of cloud.
#walking #hiking #Germany #Bavaria 

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Over the years I’ve learnt to tell samas from sargos and chipirones from chopitos. This is my choice of ten of the best fish and seafood dishes to cast a net over when visiting the Canary Islands.
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Threat of forest fires is one of downsides to summer in the Canary Islands. The slightest wisp of smoke in the hills and eyes turn to the skies seeking out the saviour, the helicopter with a bucket of water swinging underneath it.
#CanaryIslands #LaPalma

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There can be an inconsistency in the world of walking when it comes to grading routes for difficulty levels. We take a look at good and bad examples.
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All the Canary Islands are different in many ways. The differences may be big, such as diverse epic scenery, and they may be small, items on local menus or aspects of traditional architecture. Even the people who inhabit the islands can be different in some ways. Subsequently each island has its own distinct personality.
Which island is most suited to any individual depends on what factors are most important to them when they travel.
#CanaryIslands #LaPalma #ElHierro #Fuerteventura #Lanzarote #LaPalma #Tenerife #GranCanaria

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Gifted to Hitler as a 50th birthday present, the Kehlsteinhaus, or Eagle’s Nest as it was nicknamed by US troops, is a remarkable feat of engineering.
#Germany #Bavaria #hiking

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As well as writing travel articles we produce our own walking routes and have written a walking guidebook, Walk This Way Tenerife. We also help put together walking holidays around Europe for slow travel specialists Inntravel. These often involve day after day of exploring trails in specific destinations to pull together the best walks as well as finding the most interesting things to see.
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