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Drew Derbyshire
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Software Hobbit.
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Software Hobbit.

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Looking in the DHCPD source and having to doing a

#define host_hash_lookup 1234

force a compile error and thus find out where host_hash_lookup was defined makes me feel like a freshman at Clarkson College. A chaotic neutral freshman doing a truly brute force scan of core under OS/MVT on a 360/65 to find data (that I shouldn't have been looking for in first place).

At least in this case, my method was almost best practice -- the <expletive> function was defined by string concatenation in a preprocessor macro, and it wasn't going to be found otherwise.

Actually, this is closer to when I invoked IEHLIST and made it core dump on the same machine. That stack trace determined the name of the real module. What normal person puts a SYSUDUMP on IEHLIST?

(+Jeffrey Honig was ... dismayed ... that I had the names of the real OS system utilities from that experiment.)

Ah, to be young and naive about the real issues of system security.

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Future archaeology: a 2316 disk pack (used in the IBM System/360 workhorse 2314 drives) had 11 platters each 14" in diameter; each 2316 could hold about 29 megabytes.

A cheap 128 GB M.2 SSD holds ~ 4400 times the data and checks in about 80 mm (~3.149") long.


Google+ is showing me "trending on Google+" even though I turned it off years ago. In particular, it's showing trending (stupid) political posts.

This may be the end of me bothering to look at Google+.

Once again I'm configuring new Linux systems, and once I again wonder if the powers that be have lost their way and have landed on a path which will lead them rediscover Second System Effect.

Suggestions on the best toolset to configure WiFi clients with on Ubuntu xenial

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Inventory Archaeology: Also in the how "this got into inventory, I don't remember" department, the name plate for IBM RT/PC B25. I never owned (or even used) an RT/PC in my life, but I have been in the same lab as one when I was doing AIX compiler maintenance in Danbury in 1989.


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Inventory Archaeology: Serial Mouse to PS/2 Adapter. I have no idea why I had one, but I did.

What I really don't understand is why I didn't toss it in last century.


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When I worked for Google, one year instead of getting a gift I explicitly donated its cost to charity. (It wasn't an exciting gadget, in fact i don't remember what it was or if I already owned one). But unless they did some serious employee consultation this year before just going straight to charity, I would not be surprised if there were hurt feelings.

The Go Cabal thinks terseness in source beats consistency (for example sometimes dropping parentheses). They're wrong, because it hurts parsing source.

Oh lovely.

My editor deletes all unreferenced imports from my Go program. Since I write top-down and save often, this is really annoying.

Go formatting takes:
bytes[i] = byte((bytes[i] - A + 13) % 26 + A)
and makes it:
bytes[i] = byte((bytes[i]-A+13)%26 + A)

I'm reminded why I consider the bright people running Go misguided. Saying f--k convention (and readability) is not my way.
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