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Sonia Kalcic
ॐ Artist, Designer, Photographer ー Belly Dancer ー Yoga & Fitness Enthusiast ー Professional Dog Trainer, Anti-BSL Advocate ー Nature Lover ॐ
ॐ Artist, Designer, Photographer ー Belly Dancer ー Yoga & Fitness Enthusiast ー Professional Dog Trainer, Anti-BSL Advocate ー Nature Lover ॐ


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A random share from my business page, because my puppies are awesome!! :D

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Good times and memories from Dublin! 

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Ever since I launched my own canine services business, Shiva has become the best coworker ever! She is my obedience training demo dog and is currently going through narcotics detection as well. In the near future, she might be willing to undergo personal protection, but she probably will be better suited for therapy.

I love my job, and above all, I love working with my best friend every day! If you need our services, or some advice, reach us through! ♥

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Expending business! 
Now offering dog walking, as well as pet and house sitting services in the Oshawa area! Always available for obedience training and behaviour modification as well. Give us a call! *woof*
Are you concerned that you might not have enough time to walk your dog over the week, are you gone for long hours over the day or are you going away on vacation and would like for someone to care for your pet and/or home while you are away? 

We are here to help you with your needs! Now offering dog walking, as well as pet and house sitting services in the Oshawa area!

Our services include: private dog walks for your dog (or multiple dogs from the same household), pet sitting (with or without daily walks), home sitting (daily visits, taking mail in, plant watering...) and different in-home care services, like administering medication to your pet, nail trimming and more.

Contact us to inquire about rates and availability.
Email - 
or call during business hours at 416.788.0935

Thank you!

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Because sometimes it is good to come out of hibernation...
Here is a view to make you dream of warmer times under the sun!

~ Master Hunter Dragonflies ~
#BuggyFriday   #ColoursOnFriday   #InsectPhotography   #Dragonflies  

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Dog lovers, my business is up and running!

Please stop by and share the word. There is much knowledge to acquire when it comes to dog ownership, training and responsible ownership!

#CanineCitizen   #DogTraining   #ResponsibleOwners  

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Today is election day in Ontario.
Today, I voted for those who will bring change.
Today, my dog voted against the Liberals and Breed Specific Legislation!

Today, get yourself to the urns and vote for those who will bring equality, fairness and compassion to this province. After years of wasting taxpayers money on things that have brought nothing tangible or positive to our everyday lives, it is time for the Liberals and BSL to go... We all deserve a chance to live a life without judgement, prejudice and hatred, and it is time for intolerance and ignorance to go!

Today, do like Shiva, be responsible and go vote!

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I cannot believe it's almost been two months since I last posted here!

I have been so busy with work, classes, developing a new website and getting back into serious training for belly dance, that I have set aside sitting down in front of the computer. Always active, always on the go. I hope that you're all doing fine and that summer will bring you fun, joy and happy times! We have been enjoying every moment of the great weather we've had so far, and I hope you're all doing the same too!

Embrace the sunlight, smile and enjoy life! ~♥

~ You Are My Sunshine ~

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As I am getting back into the mood for self-portraiture, I thought it would be great to share some of the work I have created over the past few years. Most of these images are among my favourite creative work, and looking back at them gives me a sense of what my themes are when it comes to portraiture. Reconnecting with these inspirational elements might, and most likely will, just be what I need to get my grove back on.

I love to create bold scenes with handmade props and costumes, and I use theatrical hair and makeup, as it helps me to create an original character I can slip myself in. On the other hand, I sometimes just enjoy using one element, or place, that speaks for itself, as it conveys the story I place myself into.

Hopefully, I am able to come up with more original ideas in the near future. There is so much more I need to learn still, and experimenting is the best way to go about mastering and honing your craft.

Time will tell. Enjoy! :)

#SelfPortraiture   #ConceptualPhotography   #VintageStyle   #EtherealAndEerie   #BackIntoLife   #MasterYourCraft   
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