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Sonia Kalcic
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Ever since I launched my own canine services business, Shiva has become the best coworker ever! She is my obedience training demo dog and is currently going through narcotics detection as well. In the near future, she might be willing to undergo personal protection, but she probably will be better suited for therapy.

I love my job, and above all, I love working with my best friend every day! If you need our services, or some advice, reach us through! ♥

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Dog lovers, my business is up and running!

Please stop by and share the word. There is much knowledge to acquire when it comes to dog ownership, training and responsible ownership!

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278 Lakeview Park Avenue, Oshawa, Ontario L1J
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Sonia Kalcic

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Today is election day in Ontario.
Today, I voted for those who will bring change.
Today, my dog voted against the Liberals and Breed Specific Legislation!

Today, get yourself to the urns and vote for those who will bring equality, fairness and compassion to this province. After years of wasting taxpayers money on things that have brought nothing tangible or positive to our everyday lives, it is time for the Liberals and BSL to go... We all deserve a chance to live a life without judgement, prejudice and hatred, and it is time for intolerance and ignorance to go!

Today, do like Shiva, be responsible and go vote!
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As I am getting back into the mood for self-portraiture, I thought it would be great to share some of the work I have created over the past few years. Most of these images are among my favourite creative work, and looking back at them gives me a sense of what my themes are when it comes to portraiture. Reconnecting with these inspirational elements might, and most likely will, just be what I need to get my grove back on.

I love to create bold scenes with handmade props and costumes, and I use theatrical hair and makeup, as it helps me to create an original character I can slip myself in. On the other hand, I sometimes just enjoy using one element, or place, that speaks for itself, as it conveys the story I place myself into.

Hopefully, I am able to come up with more original ideas in the near future. There is so much more I need to learn still, and experimenting is the best way to go about mastering and honing your craft.

Time will tell. Enjoy! :)

#SelfPortraiture   #ConceptualPhotography   #VintageStyle   #EtherealAndEerie   #BackIntoLife   #MasterYourCraft   
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Love your photo portfolio... lots of imagery and variety!
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Sonia Kalcic

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~ Empirical Evidence ~

It had been quite a long time since I felt like creating an original self-portrait, but this week, I found the odds to be in my favour. Truth be told, after the holidays, I equipped myself with a set of three speedlights for interior and real-estate photography, and I didn't take the time to test them on anything else but work... Shame on me, I know.

To remedy the situation, I just needed to shoot a selfy using one, or more, of my flashes. I scrambled my brains and came up with an idea that would combine my fashion design background and my passion for photography. In the past, I have put up together a lot of garments and props for pictures, mostly made out of gathered materials, but I never really took the time to construct one piece that would truly be conceptual.

I wanted to create an image that would feel like it was ordered for a fashion editorial magazine, and I came up with the idea of combining elements of different eras, giving it some vintage clash flair.

So, I sat down with white glue, some water and my trusty brushes, and that's when the magic happened... I used an old Butterick pattern from the 80's and made the Elizabethan ruffled collar out of it. Quite honestly, it turned out even better than I had envisioned. The aged paper gave some character to that piece of historical garment, and also, a sense of fragility.  All in all, the perfect emotion for a baroque inspired piece.

For the rest, I clipped a few flowers on, mixed the visual nomenclature by dressing myself up in jeans and a white tank-top, and the makeup was left to the bare minimum. I wanted the white powder to be a part of the picture itself, and not only stuck to my face, so there was a lot of that in the air.

Timing... I thought was the hardest part of the overall experiment. I mean, from one hand, I had to use the remote and delayed-timer (which is quite short and non-adjustable on the Nikon D90) and from the other, I had to cannon shoot that bottle of baby powder over and/or around myself, while keeping an eye on the remote timer lamp, and remembering to compose myself for the shot (two seconds later).

It was quite challenging to accomplish it all without the help of anyone, but it's now a concept that I could easily execute while shooting a model, and with the help of an assistant, for "powder cannon" duties, it would be a piece of cake.

In my opinion, it was well worth the effort, which was mostly cleaning up the mess once I was done, and I do hope that you all enjoy the result as well! 

A wonderful Monday to you all! ~♥
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The thought manifests as the word;
The word manifests as the deed;
The deed develops into habit;
And habit hardens into character;
So watch the thought and its ways with care,
And let it spring from love
Born out of concern for all beings…
As the shadow follows the body,
As we think, so we become.
-  Buddha

~ The Details Flowing Within ~
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#NatureMacro   #ZenMoments   #SelfAwareness   #WeBecome  
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Thank you so much, +Eustace James!
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Sonia Kalcic

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Expending business! 
Now offering dog walking, as well as pet and house sitting services in the Oshawa area! Always available for obedience training and behaviour modification as well. Give us a call! *woof*
Are you concerned that you might not have enough time to walk your dog over the week, are you gone for long hours over the day or are you going away on vacation and would like for someone to care for your pet and/or home while you are away? 

We are here to help you with your needs! Now offering dog walking, as well as pet and house sitting services in the Oshawa area!

Our services include: private dog walks for your dog (or multiple dogs from the same household), pet sitting (with or without daily walks), home sitting (daily visits, taking mail in, plant watering...) and different in-home care services, like administering medication to your pet, nail trimming and more.

Contact us to inquire about rates and availability.
Email - 
or call during business hours at 416.788.0935

Thank you!
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Haha, I wish! I have two here, and they really are not as well behaved/trained as my dogs... They are crazy!! ;)
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Because sometimes it is good to come out of hibernation...
Here is a view to make you dream of warmer times under the sun!

~ Master Hunter Dragonflies ~
#BuggyFriday   #ColoursOnFriday   #InsectPhotography   #Dragonflies  
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Awesome! I have been so busy with starting my dog training business that photography has been put on hold... which is rather sad. I should totally start a 52 self-portrait project (and try to finish it) and maybe I could start with another Peter Gabriel inspired look! This weekend!  ;D
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Thank you, +Kiki Nelson! I have to say that the depth of field gives it some movement, and it does look like painting almost. Glad you liked it! :)
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I cannot believe it's almost been two months since I last posted here!

I have been so busy with work, classes, developing a new website and getting back into serious training for belly dance, that I have set aside sitting down in front of the computer. Always active, always on the go. I hope that you're all doing fine and that summer will bring you fun, joy and happy times! We have been enjoying every moment of the great weather we've had so far, and I hope you're all doing the same too!

Embrace the sunlight, smile and enjoy life! ~♥

~ You Are My Sunshine ~
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Cool, thanks! :)
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Sonia Kalcic

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:: Dreamer of Things & Maker of Dreams ::
Arts & Design, Photography, Belly Dance, Yoga & Fitness, Dog Training & Canine Behaviour, Multilingualism, Japanese Culture
  • Winter Blossom :: Photography, Art & Design
    Photographer/Designer/Artist, 2010 - present
  • Winter Blossom's Emporium
    Costume Designer & Oddity Crafter, 2011 - 2013
  • Salé Sucré ~ Culinary Creations
    Owner/Designer/Baker, 2012 - 2013
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Oshawa, ON
Beloeil, ON - Boucherville, QC - Brampton, QC - Montreal, QC - Shawnee, OK
ॐArtist, Designer, Photographer ー Belly Dancer ー Yoga, Fitness & Health Enthusiast ー Professional Dog Trainer, Anti-BSL & Bully Breed Advocate ー Nature Loverॐ

I am Sonia Kalčić, an individual with too many passions for one's lifetime, or at least, for the time one has to spend in this life. A significant part of my self, or my soul, is Winter Blossom: a multidisciplinary artist who likes to dabble into various forms of arts and crafts.

I am mainly interested in photography, illustration and graphic design, but I also love to sew costumes and design fashion. I enjoy creating concepts with handmade props and artistic makeup, and modelling in front of the camera is something that brings me creative satiation, from time to time. I also quite like to spend some time writing words.

Being an emotive, sensitive and intuitive individual; my keen affinity for words and sentiments has lured me into creating things that are thoughtful, lyrical and emotionally inspired. I care mostly for staging situations that involve people at a personal level, and sparking a reaction, good or bad, is a true goal of mine. The reflection of my creative intentions is palpable, and there is no room for self-censorship within my art and vision. 

I find myself greatly devoted to nature, creativity and knowledge, and that is why I diligently pursue these multiple passions of mine, in order to accomplish my dreams, progress as an independent artist and evolve as unique individual, of imagination and light.

When I am not busy with arts, I like to focus my energies on living a healthy life and helping others in achieving their personal goals as well. As of now, I have been practising yoga for about 10 years, belly dance for six, and I have recently started pushing iron again with my boyfriend. We have indeed embarked ourselves on a fitness transformation journey! 

I have always loved being active and I live for creating delicious, fresh, homemade food. Being healthy and balanced, inside and out, is the key and opened door to a happy life. I do believe that one should cultivate good brains, knowledge and wisdom, but the envelope in which you came deserves just as much care and attention as your mind, as they both walk hand in hand.

Speaking of cultivating one's mind... On days that I don't find myself dabbling into arts, crafts, dance, fitness and so on, I just love to get my brains going! I love to read and write, learn about other cultures and perfect my ability at speaking different languages. I have fallen in love with Japan a long while back, and despite having completed a certificate in Japanese language and culture, I have yet to visit the island of the rising sun. It truly is a big dream of mine, and I plan on achieving this goal in a very near, palpable future.

But, without getting ahead of myself... After spending all that time creating with my body and mind, I have to earn a living just like everyone else and to do so, I professionally train dogs. I am a certified dog trainer and canine behaviourist, and I am proficient in all levels of obedience training, behaviour modification, scent detection and personal protection. 

Realizing this passion of mine has taken a great deal of time and energy to accomplish, but it was worth the effort in a way that I can now help dogs, and their human companions, in living a more balanced and happy life. Certainly, it was a very eclectic choice for a career, but it somehow joins in perfectly with these other passions of mine, and it allows me to spend all my time working with my own dogs, which is absolutely fantastic!

And in nature we bind... If you stare deep into the woods, you shall find me roaming in company of my beloved companions. After all, peacefulness is a gift from life.

  • Dave McMahon's Dog Training Academy
    Master Dog Trainer and Behaviorist, 2011 - present
  • Université de Montréal
    East Asian Studies ~ Japanese Language & Cult., 2004 - 2006
  • Collège Lasalle
    Fashion Design, 2000 - 2003
  • Collège Édouard-Montpetit
    Fine Arts, 1997 - 1999
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