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Carl Sampson
I have been a serious poker player since 2002 and play entirely online
I have been a serious poker player since 2002 and play entirely online

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where did my last post go lol

Wow, can't believe its been so long since I posted on G+, I have been very active over the past year travelling and playing live cash games. I have been trialling SNIPER live and the results have been better than expected. I will be posting hands soon so keep a look out for that.

I was asked the other day where the best online card room is to play poker. In terms of weak opponents and good games then it is and always will be

Been watching the Rugby World Cup and speaking of English teams doing badly then it will be tough now for England to qualify let alone win it. They need a big result versus Australia and it is within their capability and then things could get interesting if Australia beat Wales.

Still think it will be between New Zealand, South Africa and Australia as the big two northern teams namely England and France don't seem good enough to me.

Don't know what is happening to English clubs in Europe this season but one win in six games with five defeats and that win came against Maccabi Tel Aviv at home. I simply cannot see an English club getting near to winning the Champions League this season let alone winning it....what did I tell you about Porto in the Dragao :-)

By the way, the live poker games have been going really well and I will be increasing the hours that I am playing starting in October. Went to Dusk Till Dawn last Friday and the cash game action for the festival was great.

Just watching Porto vs Chelsea...its 0-0 after 20mins but very few teams beat Porto in the Dragao. They played there 9 times in the CL last season and didn't lose once. If they could play every game in the Dragao I reckon Porto could win the Champions League. Unfortunately they have to play away as well :-)

Did anyone see the "do you know who I am" video on the online news boards? Apparently some biker enraged a bloke called "Ronnie Pickering" who then offered to take him on in a bare knuckle fight at the side of the road. Its funny but I would be gobsmacked if this wasn't a set up.

It just smacked of set up to me and even if the car driver wasn't in on it then the biker certainly was.....otherwise why was he filming it?? Seems he is trying to get in on the craze of being famous by winding people up....hasn't that been done countless times before??

Good little session last night and won £46 after only 40 minutes of play and it wasn't even difficult. Won two pots with no flop and in a game with a 5% maximum rake up to £5 with a jackpot drop then you really don't want to be seeing too many flops unless your opponents are both bad and deep....while they are bad.....they are only very rarely deep in these games and even 100bb isn't common in the 0.50-1.00 game.

Going to log a few more sessions over the coming weeks but the simulations have all been positive and someone else who I know has been using the system too and in 13 has lost once!! The £46 isn't a massive amount of money but it paid for my meal, drinks and the petrol and so a free night out :-)

Going to Leeds tonight to play some live poker. Haven't played live in ages but will be trying out a new short stack system that I am working on. So will report how well I do. It has its own slant on previous short stack systems.

There is less and less need these days to buy in deep. A combination of better opponents, not playing your "A" game, opponents not having full stacks, bad players leaving once they accumulate chips and several other reasons means that fuller stack deep stack play is less effective.

So I am working on a system that I am calling "The Jackal" that should in theory be very effective with no more than a 50bb buy in. Watch this space :-)
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