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Always use a good quality screen wash that protects down to atleast -35 to prevent the water from freezing.

Always anticipate danger and watch the road ahead. Drivers who adopt good defensive driving techniques always watch ahead for in case early braking is needed. Leave a good gap between your vehicle and those ahead, allowing plenty of time brake early.

Always conduct regular maintenance checks to assure that all signals and brake lights are functioning properly.

If in case you need to pull over its always a good practice to move your vehicle off the road and never park on the shoulder or in the breakdown lane for any reasons except an emergency.

Big vehicles make big splashes that can hit your windshield and momentarily block your sight, so try not to drive close to them.

If you live in a cold-weather area, get your car winter-serviced, which includes adding winter-grade fluids that resist freezing,like antifreeze, oil, and windshield-wiper solution.

Keep your fuel tank always full as it may be necessary to change routes or turn back during a bad storm. You may also be in for a long delay if bad weather forces a highway closure.

Practice driving, checking stopping distances, and looking in all directions before proceeding at a stoplight or stop sign.

Do not use the mobile phone, if you really have to use one, attach a hands-free kit. It is a fact that using a cell while driving is comparable to alcohol impaired driving in accident frequency.

Text, email, phone calls, music--today's wireless phones are multimedia powerhouses but they are not driving aids. If anything, they are driving inhibitors.
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