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I hope you all can read this because the concept of searching for that perfection pulls at me even though I'm not goo at it.

Dear Hulu,

Please stop showing the depressing Cancer ad during The Daily Show. All you're doing is making me feel horrible as I laugh throughout your ad because I'm imagining Daniel Radcliffe actually trying to play Quiddich in real life.


More and more people joining this thing everyday. Who know? Maybe soon it will feel like a network and not just two of my friends posting stuff...

"My friends are fucking awesome and we'll keep doing our best even though our lives are a mess."

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My friend Joyce showed me this. It's pretty funny. Particularly if you have an iPhone...

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TIL you can use GChat from within Google+ I mean. It made sense, I just didn't see the link. Now if I can only get my Google Reader to also show on this page I will be content.

Joyce says: "I don't think I understand Google+"
Macky says: "I don't know, I got invited so I passed on the love."
Joyce says: "Word"
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