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Explaining the DevOps Hype - Why it Matters, Now!
I recently did a deep dive into DevOps to create a DevOps Foundation training . I thought it would be an uneventful journey, but while doing some research to complement my own experience I uncovered something much bigger than what I was prepared for. As if ...

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10 Tips on How To Best Start your Kanban Journey
Are you thinking to start using Kanban but are unsure how and where to start? Here are 10 tips to help you get going on your Kanban journey! 1. Start with a small “Team” An easy way to gain experience with Kanban is to introduce it to a team that already de...

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A New Start!
Today, I am starting a new chapter in my Lean/Agile journey! After focusing on bringing more agility and flexibility to an Enterprise, I will now go back to what I feel are my roots: a small company. I am now working for Aim 4 Knowledge, a Stockholm-based c...

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From Goid-enough to Great: LKFR16 Slides
Here are the slides I've been using to present "From Good-enough to Great" at the Lean Kanban France 2016 conference. I'll update this post with more details after the conference, but there should be enough for you to get your Quest going. Now, go slain you...

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Speaking at Lean Kanban France 2016
I will - finally - be speaking at Lean Kanban France 2016 this year. Being French, it should perhaps falls naturally to present at a French conference. Life as had other plans for me so far, but this year the stars are in the right position and it is happen...

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Fast Feedback is Back!
The Fast Feedback conference is back this year in Stockholm
on the 21-22 of September. It’s my great pleasure this year to assist Håkan Forss and Mattias Skarin -  two of the most influencial
Lean/Agile coaches in Scandinavia - in setting up this year’s con...

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Won the Brickell Key Award 2016!
Wow, just Wow! I am very honored to have won the  Brickell Key Award 2016 ! Actually, very glad, surprised and humbled . The competition was impressive, if possible even more so than two years ago when I was first nominated. I want to thanks the Kanban comm...

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From Good-Enough to Great: the Workshop
Here comes the slides from the Workshop I've held at the Lean Kanban North America 2016 conference in San Diego:  The slide deck on SlideShare This what the Workshop is about: From good-enough to great You’ve had some success with you Kanban System: you’ve ...

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Lean Kanban Nordic 2014
Lotta Olsson and I will present Sandvik IT's Kanban journey at the Lean Kanban Nordic 2014 conference in Stockholm (a.k.a. "Stop Starting, Start Finishing" conference). Lotta is currently managing the Operational Excellence Support (OpX) unit within Sandvik...

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Get to Know Me: an Interview
Being nominated to the Brickell Key Award 2014 has its advantages. One is to travel all the way to San Francisco to attend a ceremony during the Lean Kanban North America Conference . Another is to be interviewed like a rock-start. Here is the result of the...
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