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On demand home services has seen an upsurge in the last few years. Several startups are battling it out for their supremacy. In the horizontal market there some established players and other startups battling it out for supremacy among each other for plethora of services among which laundry, dryclean, beauty services, dieticians, yoga trainers, wedding photographers, event managers are the major ones.
In the specific vertical sector such as laundry and dryclean there are dozens of startups trying to prove their mettle. Some of the major challenges in laundry and dryclean sectors are two way logistic, shortage of skilled labor, high risk reward ratio, competition with traditional drycleaners in case of dryclean and low cost in case of traditional dhobis. But as people say bigger the risk greater is the reward. According to a couple of surveys Indian laundry industry is estimated at INR 2,20,000 crore. This huge market can be broadly fragmented into three major parts retail laundry for bachelors, working couples, students and family, commercial laundry for hotels, hospitals, airlines, railways etc. and dryclean which is a seasonal business.
At Washingguns we have customized solution for all three sectors. We have our own inventory with which we are able to provide most economic and best quality laundry to our customers. We have subscription based packages keeping in the mind the requirement of end customers. For individual and bachelors we have a 10 kg package costing ₹499+tax with a validity of 30 days. For family and working couple we provide a bigger and more economic package of 20 kg @ ₹899+tax per month. In this way customers have to just select a suitable package on basis of their requirement and they need not worry about laundry problem for entire month.
Dryclean is a seasonal business but India is a country of festivals and weddings. So people are in constant need of getting their fancy and expensive garment to get dry-cleaned. Dryclean is basically a process of removing stains and cleaning garment with the help of solvents other than water like Perchloroethylene (PERC), Tetrachloroethene and Mineral Turpentine Oil(MTO). At Washingguns we use Italian PERC machine for drycleaning which enables us to provide quick turnaround time and best quality in the industry which is something traditional drycleaner are not able to offer as they use manual process which takes a lot of time.
Commercial laundry is one segment which doesn’t not have any Professional company which has Pan India presence or which serves to all types of customers like Airlines, Railways, Hotels and hospitals. All these corporate entities have very different requirement like 12 hr turnaround time, ability to process tonnes of linen per day, quality of the highest standard possible, hygiene factor etc. We at Washingguns have decided to take on this challenge as well and have started taking leap in this segment. We are providing services to flagship hotels of OYO Rooms, several medical labs and clinic in Noida and Delhi, companies in Noida SEZ etc and various other saloons and restaurants in Delhi NCR.

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Roti, kapda aur makaan was a bollywood blockbuster released in 1974. Even 40 yrs after its release, its relevance has not reduced. Food, clothing and shelter has been the basic necessity of mankind even since its inception, and it's quite natural that people have tried to solve problems around it and make a business out of it. Kapda or laundry is the one which has been given least importance among the three. The ecosystem for laundry has been existing ever since but it’s quiet broken and unorganized.
Earlier people used to give their dirty clothes to traditional dhobis who would wash and iron clothes and then again return to them. This involved the customer going to that dhobi for pickup and delivery of clothes. Also, there was no guarantee when their clothes would be returned as there is a huge dependency on weather. This entire ecosystem is quiet fragmented and inconvenient for the end user. And as expected a number of people emerged out of nowhere and started to solve this problem. During this funding galore period people chose the investors preferred business model i.e. UBER for X. A number of companies got their seed and tried to become an aggregator for all those traditional dhobis and laundromarts opened in big metros. But in the funding euphoria and time of heavy discounting these startups forgot one important thing i.e to provide a smooth and hassle free laundry experience to the end customer. Aggregator model is obviously asset light model and very scalable but it also reduces the extent of quality control. And that is the most important thing if you want to have repeated customers. Until and unless you don’t provide good quality to the end customer he not going to again order from you no matter how much discount you give to him.
Laundry is one such sector where inventory model is better than aggregator model. As once you have a inventory of your own like washers, dryers, extractors you can have maximum quality control. And only then you can provide best quality to the end customers with least turnaround time. And once you give that quality of highest standard to the customers he is not going anywhere. At Washingguns we are trying to do the same. We have our own inventory with which we provide laundry service to retail customers of Noida and Delhi. And it’s the only reason we are the most economic laundry service provider not only in Delhi-NCR but across India. And by having our own inventory we are also doing B2B orders successfully as it doesn’t require altogether different inventory, with few additional machines like roller press used for ironing bed sheets you can serve hotels, restaurants, salons etc. Currently Washingguns serves OYO’s hotels and various other hotels and very aggressively bidding for various other big corporate clients.
The laundry market is ever expanding and according to a recent survey its of the size around $33 billion which includes only retail customers. If you include commercial laundry for aviation industry, railways, hotels, then sky is the limit. The need of hour is to have patience and serve your customers in the best way possible and the day is not far when we can have a unicorn emerging from the most under-rated sector i.e. Laundry
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Online laundry and dry cleaning services are creating a lot of buzz these days. They are claiming to provide all these services just at the tap of a button or by calling on some fancy toll free numbers just like you order a pizza.

Laundry is something which nobody likes to do on their own. Few years back there was only one option, go to your traditional dhobi where you were sure that your clothes won’t be treated in the right manner.

In last 2 years a number of startups have come out who are claiming to solve this problem in the right manner by using trained professionals and machines like Washer, Dryers, and Extractors. From them we can have accountability and hassle free experience like pickup drop at preferred timing, low turnaround time and quality as well.

Even today in India Cost factor is still the biggest parameter in deciding to use a service/product or not. So let’s do a quick cost analysis to find out the result:

Online laundry stores like Washingguns is offering a laundry package of 20 Kg @ ₹ 899 per month which is suitable for a family of 4 people in a month. This laundry package includes Wash, Iron, Packing, Home pickup and drop 5 times in a month. So a customer is getting all these facilities at just ₹45 per kg
Traditional dhobis charge ₹10 per piece for Wash and iron. But in this case the customer has to do pick and drop by himself. Also there is no guarantee of the quality of service and no commitment of turnaround time. In this case a customer has to shell out ₹ 40 for a kg of laundry (On an average 4 pieces of clothes constitute a kg).
Home laundry: Let’s take a look at all cost involved in doing laundry at home.
Average single load size = 5 kg

Number of clothes in a kg = 4

Washing machine cost: A fully automatic washing machine of capacity 8 kg will cost you around ₹15000. And you have to pay an additional ₹500 per year for machine maintenance. If machine is properly operated and maintained its life cycle would be of around 8 years. Assuming we operate machine once in a week then the cost of machine for using once would be:

Cost of Washing Machine = ₹15000

Maintenance cost = ₹500*8=₹4000

Number of years machine used = If machine is used once in a week and properly operated and maintained then it can last for 8 years

Number of times machines used in a year = we have assumed that we would be using machine once in a week so that equals to number of week in a year= 52

Cost of washing machine for single load (5 kg) = (Cost of Washing machine+ Maintenance cost for 8 years) / (Number of year’s machine used) * (Number of times machine used in a year)

=(15000+4000)/ (52*8)

= ₹ 45

Electricity cost of machine for single load= ₹10

Detergent cost for single load= ₹10

Total cost for washing clothes of a single load = Washing machine cost per load + electricity cost + detergent cost

= ₹ (45+10+10)

= ₹ 65

Ironing cost for 5 kg load (If outsourced, as most of people can’t do ironing by themselves) = Number of clothes in a kg * 5*Ironing cost of single cloth

= 4*5*5

= ₹100

Total laundry cost of a 5 kg load = Washing cost+ Ironing cost

= 65+100

=₹ 165

So a customer has to shell out ₹ 35 (165/5=35) for one kg of clothes.

In all this calculation we have not taken into account the time and effort put in by the customer himself, like doing washing of clothes, taking clothes for ironing etc.

Laundry Cost per kg (in ₹)

Online laundry (Washingguns)= ₹45

Traditional Dhobi= ₹40

Home laundry= ₹35

As we can see from the above table, if online laundry startups can work out on their unit economics and provide the quality of service as promised by them, the completely fragmented and unorganized laundry sector of size USD 33 billion is waiting for them
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Drycleaning: Is it really a dry affair ???

Drycleaning is the process of cleaning clothes/fabric and removing stains without using water. It is used to clean fabrics that degrade in water, and delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough and tumble of a washing machine and clothes dryer
Unlike what its name implies, dry cleaning is not a 'dry' process. Clothes are soaked in a solvent other than water. Various solvent such as Perchloroethylene (PERC), Tetrachloroethene, Mineral Turpentine oil (MTO) Petroleum spirits are used to remove stains from fabric.
In earlier times drycleaning was done only with petroleum products, which left a pungent smell after the finishing of garment. But with advancement in research drycleaners now use chemical solvent like PERC, MTO or hydrocarbons which not only give better drycleaning quality but also don’t left any smell after drycleaning process.

Drycleaning is basically a four step process which is as follows:
1) Tagging and inspection: A drycleaner first inspects properly the fabric for any wear tear, damage, specific type of stain or missing buttons and chains. After this the fabric is tagged with customer ID.
2) Pre-spotting: In this step the fabric is treated with specific solvent depending on the type of stain. The stains can be of various types such as Tea, Coffee, Blood, Rust, Ink, Oil, color bleed by another fabric etc. The drycleaner applies chemical solvent, vacuum or heat on stains which help in removing stains during the actual drycleaning process.
3) The Drycleaning process: After pre-spotting the fabric is put into machine and treated with a non-aqueous solvent. The clothes are then rotated in a perforated cylinder where the cleaning solvent is released in a steady amount throughout the entire process, there the machine rapidly spins the clothes to get rid of any excess solvent and releases warm air.
4) Finishing: Once the cloth goes through entire dry-cleaning process, it is steam ironed to remove any wrinkles from it. The temperature in iron is set depending upon type of fabric, whether it is cotton, silk, polyester or wool. After ironing the fabric looks crispy and brighter.

Dry Cleaning can be beneficial for garments made from fibers that don’t react well when exposed to water, like silk and wool. It’s also good for garments that shouldn’t be exposed to the heat of a traditional dryer for an extended period of time.
While the Dry Cleaning process can seem a bit mysterious to many, all in all, it’s not as complex as it seems once you break down the steps. Generally drycleaning is used for expensive and delicate fabrics while laundry is used for daily wear clothes.
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Introducing Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR.
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Post has attachment is an on-demand online laundry & dry cleaning service provider in Delhi & NCR. We offer Laundry and Dry cleaning service, to retail customers and businesses like Hotels, Corporates, Outlet and institutions. Washingguns is a Company which provides you top quality on time service, combining the newest equipment in technology and environmentally-friendly detergents. To provide you best services we have a team of professionals from the industry with decades of experience. The unit has state-of-the-art fully automatic & computerized Washer Extractors and Dryers. We also have the latest in finishing equipment, automatic Form Finishers for Suits & Jackets, Trousers Finishers, Utility Presses etc. besides the usual automatic and semiautomatic Utility Presses and Spotting machines. For the linen we have installed the latest in Flat Work Ironers..

We use specially softened water, high quality soaps and detergents, the latest equipment to ensure a perfect result every time. We are equipped to provide laundry service for a wide range of businesses: Hotels, Corporate Guest Houses, Institutions, Hotels, and Retail Customers.

Washingguns is the only commercial laundry of international standard, in Delhi. Our state-of-the-art Laundry use specially softened water, high quality soaps and detergents, the latest imported equipment, computer controlled to ensure a perfect result every time. We are equipped to provide laundry service for a wide range of businesses: Hotels, Corporate Guest Houses, Institutions, Hotels, and Retail Customers. Our Customer support has a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of our services. It includes assistance in account creation, package purchasing, free pickup, delivery, upgrading package, order status. Our customer care support is 24*7 readily available. We have rapidly grown so far and we are still growing as a family with our customer base in Delhi and NCR .

We are providing well managed Laundry Service to our personal as well as corporate clients in a timely manner. In order to provide qualitative laundry service, we have recruited experienced and skillful professionals. So if you want best laundry services in Delhi NCR, do not wait, just download our android app and place your order in a matter of seconds. You can also book your order directly buy from the website Washingguns or call on our toll-free number to place your order. In case of any query or information feel free to contact on any of the no. listed below.

You can also mail us at Place Your Order At : 1800 833 2020. For Queries : +91-9643899375
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Introducing Premium Laundry...
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