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Krly Haiz
I've embraced my natural beauty but only after embracing my natural curls...and have loved every minute of it.
I've embraced my natural beauty but only after embracing my natural curls...and have loved every minute of it.

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Have you seen my recent contribution as a Curls Understood Ambassador? No? Then don't waste another second and read below.
It's no fun purchasing products only to find that they don't work on your curls. But did you really give them chance? +Krly Haiz has some amazing tips...

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Most of us probably remember the movie "Click" as a movie about time travel and having control of your destiny. But, have you ever given a thought to an underlying message? In the movie, Adam Sandler's character speeds through life, avoiding challenges and becoming a work zombie in the process. Without the remote, this is what most of us do EVERYDAY. We avoid the challenge of thinking outside the box and doing the uncommon to live as work zombies at Just Over Broke (JOB). In the process, someone else has control of your time, your income, your destiny...

If given this remote, what would you do?

What changes would you make, if any, to have more (if not full) control of your own time? Income? Destiny?

Would you conquer your fears/overcome obstacles and actually make the change?

#weighin #apennyforyourthoughts
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These are the photos that go with my One 'N Only Argan Oil product review. From wash day (wet hair and twist out) to day 3, day 5 (with Sanayah) and day 7 (high ponytail).
One 'N Only Argan Oil product review pics
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PRODUCT REVIEW: One ‘N Only Argan Oil Products

Today, I will be offering some feedback on the One ‘N Only Argan Oil product line.  I received four full-sized and two smaller sized products as part of my August Curl Box subscription.  I was very excited to see the products in this box and finally had the opportunity to try them recently.  I used all of the products and did the same with my daughters.  Are you ready for some data? Here we go…

Product names (in the order used)
One ‘N Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo
One ‘N Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner
One ‘N Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask
One ‘N Only Argan Oil Curl Cream
One ‘N Only Argan Oil Oil Treatment
One ‘N Only Argan Oil Spray Treatment

It smells of Argan Oil.  If you haven’t smelled Argan Oil before, it is a light, sweet and delicate smell.  One of my favorite oil smells out of most of the options available.  All of the products have an equal scent, meaning none are stronger or weaker than the other.  Once the hair is dry, the smell is not overpowering and you don’t feel as if you’re wearing hair cologne.  My daughter Sayeira stated, “It’s not that bad.” Overall, we were pleased.

All of the products felt as expected with a few exceptions.  The shampoo and conditioner were standard.  Not too creamy and not too watery.  The restorative mask was not super thick. It felt more like a deep conditioner.  It came out of the bottle with ease and was easy to distribute.  The curl cream is a leave-in product.  It has a creamy texture that is also easy to distribute and does not create a heavy or caked on feeling to the hair.  The oil was standard, except that it’s packaged in a way that is not as messy as other oils I have encountered. The oil is light and pours out similarly to a cooking oil but slightly thicker.  The spray treatment is a spray, not a spritz.  It contains argan oil, therefore, it’s not just watery. You can feel the argan oil in the product but it’s not too oily.  If you run your palm through your hair after a pump of the spray, you should be able to see less product on your hand.  

Hair on Impact 
The shampoo was moisturizing.  Upon rinsing it, I felt that it left somewhat of a residue.  If you’ve ever used a face masque and felt a residue when you rinsed it out, that’s what I’m talking about. It’s not a heavy residue and it gets a pass because you know that whatever is left behind is left with the intent of providing added moisture.  The conditioner was a typical conditioner.  It provides some slip, as I was able to start the finger detangling process as I rinsed out the product.  My daughter Sanayah stated that the shampoo was more moisturizing than the conditioner, in her opinion. I’m not sure that I agree but as I mentioned before, the shampoo was not stripping at all and did provide moisture to the hair.  The other products felt as expected when applied to the hair.  They were unremarkable.  

For slip, I will only focus on the conditioner and the restorative mask.  As previously mentioned, the conditioner provided enough slip so that we could all start the finger detangling process.  My hair is shorter so I felt that it was slightly easier for me than it was for my girls.  Also, my hair texture is slightly different and not as dry.  We all really liked the restorative mask.  We left it in our hair for about ten minutes before detangling.  The detangling process was easier and faster.  Even when my daughter Sanayah claimed to have detangled her own hair, I stepped in to finish detangling her roots and was surprised at how quickly I was able to do so.  Both of my girls agreed that there was less pain when detangling their hair, whether done by me or on their own.

We ended up doing somewhat of a reverse LOC method with the remaining products.  As I am used to applying a water-based leave-in, oil then cream; with these products, I applied the leave-in curl cream first, then the oil (with a little extra on the ends), then the water-based spray.  I guess I’m COOL like that…lol.   Anywho, these products played very well with each other.  Usually, when I apply a cream before an oil I’m afraid I’m going to get that white gunk that just sits on top of the hair.  Not happening here, baby.  Maybe it’s because everything contains argan oil, but these products built on each other really well.  I especially like that I could spray a little extra on the ends to add water and oil for moisture and styling.  

In regards to styling the hair…easy, peasy.  I put twist outs in all of our hair.  Unfortunately, Sanayah’s hair didn’t dry all the way. But, she still got lots of compliments.  Definition of curl was great.  There was a little bit of frizz on Sanayah’s hair because it didn’t dry and Sayeira’s hair is super dry on the ends, so there was some frizz there as well.  Mine came out great!  The hair felt soft and manageable after styled look was achieved.  I could easily manipulate all of our hair to create different looks. I love it when that happens. 

Length of stay 
I’m currently on day SEVEN.  Yes, day seven people.  I’ve been sick so I haven’t had a chance to wash my hair again.  I must say that the style has maintained very well. I still have a lot of definition and very little frizz.  It still feels soft and does not feel heavy at all.  I don’t add a lot of product throughout the week.  With this product, I simply sprayed the spray treatment, as needed and would sometime remember to add oil to my ends.  The girls are on day three.  It’s not looking too bad for them either.  

Overall, I would definitely buy these products again.  They have a ‘Color Oasis’ line that I would like to try since my hair is color-treated.  They also have a silver glitter spray that might be fun try and a strong hold gel that may be worth trying to give styles an extended stay.  If you’ve tried any of these items, please give me some feedback so that I can run over to my closest beauty supply and scoop some up.

Stay natural. Stay blessed.

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Here is an article I wrote for Curls Understood.  Check out my newest submission next month.

FYI: Product Review Format

As I come into my own in my attempt to blog about my natural hair journey, my planning tendencies kick in and I’ve come up with a format that I would like to stick to.  For starters, most of my product reviews will include input from my daughters, Sayeira and Sanayah.  My little divas are such an important part of my journey and I want them to have their own unique experience.  As I teach them about hair care management, I also want them to learn to love their hair, all that they are and are to become.  Have you had enough of the gooey stuff? It comes regularly so get used to it or get over it.
Ok, so what’s next? The format.  Each review will contain the following:

1. Product name(s)
2. Smell (It’s the first thing we do when we open up the bottles…right, or right?)
3. Texture/Consistency (Does it feel creamy, watery, gooey? We all know how that goes.)
4. Hair on Impact (How does it make the strands feel with the product and once rinsed?)
5. Slip (Can I detangle my hair or did I create a knotted mess putting this product in my hair?)
6. Styling (How easy was it to style the hair?)
7. Length of stay (How long did the style last without looking too frizzy or losing definition?)
8. Overall (Would I buy these products again or give them away if I receive them as a gift?)

So, there you have it. This is what you should expect from upcoming product review posts.  If you have any input or want me to add another category, bring it. I welcome all feedback and hope to offer you some value to your process through my journey.

Stay natural. Stay blessed.

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5 mistakes to avoid when transitioning to natural hair

In August 2013, I paid for my last relaxer. Then, in May 2014, I trimmed off some of my hair at a Deva Cut certified salon and decided to eliminate heat styling and focus on "transitioning" to my natural hair. I thought about a BC ( big chop), but the hubby wasn't having it. Oh well, he was paying for the cut, so a trim it was. I had no idea what to expect but the journey taught me a lot about my hair...and my patience.

As of July 2015, I am fully natural. I can hear your applause from here and I thank you. Now it's time to turn my journey and challenges into a helpful list for you on five mistakes to avoid when transitioning.

1. Do not make a wash and go your go-to style.
See, I thought that because I wasn't heat styling, I could just wash and go. You naturalistas out there know that there is no such thing as truly washing and then going. I was washing my hair every other day not realizing that it was stripping my hair of natural moisturizers, regardless of the moisturizing cream cleanser that I was using. You must deep condition your hair, therefore, nixing the wash and go. Try learning protective styles, such as twist outs, Bantu knots,etc., that won't damage or weaken the natural hair growing in the roots. Braids can weaken your new growth if not done properly, especially if there is added weight on the ends. Wigs are good,as well as sew-ins, if done properly. And let's just be direct, those wash and go's on relaxed, heat damaged hair isn't as pretty as you think. Try using the LOC method to maintain moisture and balance in your lovely mane.

➰Image1: A picture of me with a transitioning wash and go

2. Continued heat-styling is a no-no.
If you really want to give your natural hair an opportunity to grow in its natural state, you must severely reduce or completely eliminate heat styling. On my birthday, seven months after I stopped heat styling, my generous sister surprised me with an appointment at our local hairdresser; you know, the local Dominican salon where we always got our hair done. It was such a sweet gesture that I couldn't deny her efforts. Honestly, I think she was just sick of seeing my wash and go 'fros. Fair enough. I cannot tell you how many times I cried and cringed inside during the whole process. Not only did the style not last (I mean at all), but my hair felt tough because I was unprepared and couldn't use my sulfate-free, natural hair products I had been using. What was beginning to curl began to wave; wave good bye. If you can't find a hair dresser that can properly heat style your transitioning tresses, then go without.

➰Image2: This was the result of my sister's birthday gift. Notice the wavy roots.

3. Your current products will not work the same on your transitioning textures
It is extremely important that you consider changing the products you used prior to your transitioning journey. Eliminate the use of products full of sulfates, parabens, silicones and other damaging chemical ingredients. Both your natural and relaxed/permed hair will appreciate your efforts. If you're not sure what products to try first and you don't want to spend loads of money experimenting, try a subscription to a hair box or getting a hair consultation. Curlbox and Onyx Box are two of the more popular subscriptions. Be aware that one is easier to subscribe to than the other. Curls Understood just launched their own, client-curated curl box. You can also try getting a hair consultation at a local salon that specializes in natural hair. Make sure they're able to break down the different aspects of your hair, such as porosity, texture, etc. If you go to a salon that represents a specific product (ex. Carol's Daughter Mirror Mirror salon, Devaschund salon, Miss Jessie's salon, etc) prepare to get product recommendations for just their brand. Another option is an online hair consultation company called Myavana. They use science to analyze your hair and provide you your complete analysis online along with product samples of the recommendations sent to your home. My first consultation was with and it was incredibly comprehensive. (Use code haizelm at checkout for a discount on your first purchase). No option is wrong and you don't have to choose just one, just be mindful of your pockets.

➰Image3: My personal collection as of May 2015 (It has grown since then)

4. Unrealistic expectations = frustrations
Transitioning is a process and a journey and like any other process or journey, there are challenges. In order to get through them without reverting back to chemical straighteners, you'll have to change your mindset. One of my toughest obstacles was the look of my edges. If I didn't go through every edge gel, wrapping lotion and silk scarf I could get my hands on to try and flattens my curling roots, I'd be lying. By the way, all that manipulation is not good for hair growth. Eventually, I had an epiphany. My roots are curly. They're not going to flatten in the same way they did when my hair was straightened. Regardless of the products, I'm going to experience curls and waves. It was time to embrace them and go with THEIR flow. Once I did that, I found creative ways to style my hair that included what my hair was already doing. However, let's not get it twisted (all pun intended), my limited creativity did not always produce my expected outcome and tantrums threatened to ruin my otherwise calm demeanor. Ok, I admit, I had one tantrum but in my defense, I was trying to get ready for a wedding on a humid June day. Let's not relive that. With that being said, don't expect all your style attempts to look like the results of a your favorite You Tuber or IG'er.

5. Don't take the journey alone
Surround yourself with other naturalistas and curl friends. If you don't have any, make new ones. It's a lot easier than you think. Start with following natural hair communities via social media. You'll find a sea of beautiful curl textures and patterns to encourage and motivate your journey. Another option is searching for natural hair events on Eventbrite or You'll be surprised at how much is happening in your area for women just like you. A simple social media search using #naturalhairevent (enter city) will pull up former, current and upcoming events in the chosen area. Once you familiarize yourself with the event coordinators and decide on the one(s) you like, you can follow them directly and keep yourself abreast of their fabulous rendezvous. My personal favorites in NY are Natural Partners in Crime, Bella Kinks and Tribe Called Curl, in the order that I was introduced to them. Just be very careful not to go event crazy (like I did) or you'll be at an event every week, and that ain't cheap.

Overall, it's important that you listen to your hair. There's continuous change throughout the transitioning process. Perhaps you're waiting for a specific factor to cut off the remaining "dead" hair but even if you don't, always listen to your hair. For me, it was when my hair refused every style that I had previously mastered and loved that I knew it was time to chop. Good luck with your journey and stay strong!

➰Image4: The chop
➰Image5: My hair now

Stay natural. Stay blessed.
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