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What exactly would you like to know?
What exactly would you like to know?

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In session with The Paramarers

There is not enough coffee in the world to get me into work mode right now...

Are there any stats that show how many people actually watch the ads before YouTube videos all the way through after the 5 seconds is up?

If I owned a venue I'd make the yelling of "Free Bird!" cause for instant expulsion and a lifetime ban from the venue. 

I've been watching Extras on HBOGO and it's hilarious. Almost finished the series. 

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Is there any way to block the popular google+ posts from my google+ feed? I don't know these people and don't care about what they post. 

The bassist of Country Mice looks like a young Matt Besser. 

Doing sound for Country Mice, Song Dogs, The Bailey Hounds, and Tin Horses at the North Star Bar. 

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Check out the song Jungle Heist by Bought And Sold. They came into Red Planet in January and recorded a full length in 2 days. Punk Rock!
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