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My ‪#‎sportrelief‬ swim kicks off tomorrow, so for those of you who still want to donate, the sponsorship page for us is:

If you want to see what it's all about, take a look at the 2 minute video I put together on last year's gutsy swim by the 9 year olds - - or take a look at what sport relief gets up to with the money they raise - 

Thanks again

If anyone wants to rock up to the events and cheer people on, you can:

Tomorrow 3pm: Hackney Lido
Sunday 10:15: Olympic Park Run
Sunday 3pm: Olympic Park Cycle

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This weekend, my family and others are taking part in Sports Relief.

We’re swimming, cycling and running over the course of two days.

Swimming: 1,400m for me, 1,000m for maria, 600m for kitty, 100-200 for Bruno depending on how much the poor little bugger can manage without drowning. To see how it went last year, I put together a video - Swimathon 2013

Running: All 4 of us will run a mile and then…

Cycling: …cycle 3 miles

It’s all in a good cause - - and any donations will be gratefully received.

We’ve set up a page for us and some other kids from the same school here:

Thanks, people

#sportsrelief   #swimathon  

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A Leaving Card

Isabelle, isabelle,
what's she like?
I can't tell.

She worked in accounts,
I worked in IT
We didn't talk that much
Her and me

And now she's leaving 
Someone else will replace her
They'll do the accounts,
Order pens from a stationer

But what about isabelle?
How will she fare?
When she's old and gone gray
Will she dye black her hair?

Will she remember us at all
From the company she worked for
In 2013? I doubt it. 

#poetry   #poem   #leavingcard  

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This is genius. Perfectly judged and executed: Dissecting a twitterstorm...

Maybe one day we'll be talking about GooglePlusHurricanes, but for now the twitterStorm is an all too common occurrence. Very funny stuff from buzzfeed.

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The future for online commenting and #ugc  is very bleak at the moment...

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I had a dastardly problem to solve involving #youtube   #iframes   #css  and #ipad  / #iphone  . Took me a while, but it was fixed and all down to outline:none. Bad outline:none, bad... 

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Developers and account managers who have sites that use alert and onChange / onBlur event listeners should take a look at this post. One of our sites was made completely unusable for iOS7 users and here's how to fix it.
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