Yellowstone National Park

The 6am wake up call was kind of rough after all the driving late last night, but man-oh-man was it worth it! Yellowstone is one of the most beautiful parks I've been to in this country. I mean, it has it all! Mountains, plains, forests, hot springs, geysers, wetlands, almost any terrain short of a desert can be found somewhere in this park.

I only got to see half of the park, but was able to have close encounters with Bison, Elk, Coyotes, and I think even a few moose. I went and witnessed Old Faithful and took alot of shots I hope will come out good of all different landscapes and waterfalls (some included below!). The hot springs were cool too, but some of the smells you'll encounter around the park will definitely make your nose twitch a few times. It's not all roses around there lol.

I'm absolutely thrilled I made the side trip (like you guys suggested) and was amazed by the park. I hopped back up to I-90, and drove for the next 8 hours to Rapid City, South Dakota, where I am now! I'm going to try to sleep in tomorrow, then I'm going to visit Mount Rushmore real fast, followed by 10 hours of driving to Minneapolis! Tomorrow is the rough day of driving, 600 miles! I'm gonna be shooting with Scott Miron again in Minneapolis, so you guys will have more pictures of his (which you usually love!)

For now, I gotta get some work done and hit the gym before crashing, so here's Old Faithful, and a few other shots I've gone through (sorry if it posts them individually as you comment on them, I'm not sure why that happens!) Hopefully you guys enjoy the shots, and I'll be around for a few! If I find anymore, I'll post them!

From Mount Rushmore, with Love!! ;)
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