Fresh off the +CyanogenMod   builders, the first CM10 nightly for the Optimus 2X is now live at  (Note: Some of the CM mirrors haven't picked it up yet. If you get a 'file not found', just hit the link again to get another mirror!)

LG did a great job on this (both in terms of kernel source, which we obviously derive from, and in helping us get the p990 up to speed), so even though this is the first nightly, it should be usable as a daily driver from the get go. 

CM10 will apply as an update on top of CM7, but it's possible that the skipping of CM9 may cause issues. If you upgrade directly and start getting weird behaviors, try doing a factory reset before running around shouting "bug!". DeskClock is one application known to have issues with upgrading: for that one, clearing its data from Settings is usually sufficient. As usual, people coming from anything that isn't CM (and this includes CM unofficial builds) need to do a full factory reset (wipe).

On a related note: This works only with the older (GB or Froyo) bootloaders. People running leaked ICS builds will need to rollback.
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