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Michael Partridge
Always willing to talk theatre, tech, education, and theology.
Always willing to talk theatre, tech, education, and theology.

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So, YouTube got rid of the Webcam Capture feature (part of the upload). I've got a teacher reporting inconsistent uploads with ClipChamp. I've suggested trying WeVideo. Just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for video capture on a Chromebook. Thanks for any ideas!

Does anyone have a "ballpark" on Hapara pricing? I'm getting tired of waiting for the "pricing guide" to arrive in my email - just trying to get an idea - not a quote...

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What do I NEED to know about Chromebooks?
Happy New Year! Welcome back. I hope you all had time to relax and to enjoy the holidays. As we move into the new year, Pinckney is moving closer to our switch to Chromebooks. To better prepare for the switch, I am adding a simple tip about Chromebooks each...

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This week - a little help with help ... I found this app and added it to Chrome and thought you might like it. :-) I'd like to give credit to who pointed me toward it, but I can't remember, so, generically, thank you to everyone who already knows about this...

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Google Keep - revisited.
This week I am focused on a little-known but powerful and handy tool called Google Keep. It is available as a web site and as an app for Android phones and tablets. AND IT IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR iOS This is a simple tool for keeping notes and lists. I like th...

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Chromebook FAQ

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Converting Pages Documents for Google Drive (again...)
An Encore? Why? As part of my summer, I took some time to learn a little more. Part of my learning involved a "critique" of my tip of the week. One of the VERY valid concerns was the frequency of the tips. Hearing that people were feeling overwhelmed by the...

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Shared BioLit Field Trip
BioLit Onsite Field Trip
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Google Drive - Image to text
Did you know you can convert a "picture" of text to text? It's true. Here's the process**: Upload an image into Drive Click on the three dots in the top right
corner Select “Open With…” and choose Google Drive The image will pop up with a transcription

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Office 365 - A Brief Introduction.
We've added an additional productivity tool to the PCS toolbox. :-) Office 365 is an online version of the Microsoft Office suite of tools - very much like a Microsoft version of Google Docs. First, a disclaimer... Let's be clear about this tool. It is not ...
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