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I have to admit, when Californians go on and on about how the only good mexican food they've ever had is only in California, I kind of want to punch them. Shut up. This tortilla is filled with the building blocks of the universe: love, friendship, positively charged ions, fairy dust and chile rellenos. 
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I love me some cha cha cha, but California Mexican has nothing on Texas Mexican.
I'm from Vancouver BC. I come to Portland for five days every year. I eat at Cha Cha Cha every one of those days. Best burritos I have ever had. I also go to California on the same trip immediately prior to Portland and the Mexican there is nothing compared to 3cha. 
Do they have any cha cha cha some where closer to us in gresham?

Laura is right. Tex-Mex is mighty fine! And New Mexico Mexican is good too.
Anyone who complains about the Mexican food in Oregon should be sentenced to 20 years of east coast Mexican food. Then they will truly know what sucks.
Reason number 6357465 not to live in Jersey right there.
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