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Michael James Field (Mikuss)
Digital Marketing enthusiast and a lover of all things tech. Fan of LFC & follow Chester FC.
Digital Marketing enthusiast and a lover of all things tech. Fan of LFC & follow Chester FC.

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Hi community.

One of my clients has images triggering in google web search for mobile on a highly competitive search term.

Does anybody know what influences the images that are used when this occurs. Currently the image being used is not preferable, and I feel if we could update this we could see a strong improvement to CTR.

Here is an example of what I am seeing:


Hi all, one of my clients has recently had their Google My Business page removed without warning. We are now taken to a landing page that has a form with the message "It looks like your page has been disabled by our moderation team".

Has anyone experienced this before, and if so, how long does it normally take for a response?

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Michael James Field (Mikuss) commented on a post on Blogger.
About time.

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Anybody having increased issues with accessing the Google Keyword planner recently? Keep getting diverted to the Captcha page. :(

+Elisabeth Yates We received the information about Game On this morning but there seems to be an issue with registering. Are you experiencing problems currently? The message I get is below;

"Oops. Either your agency is not on Google Partners or you're signing in on the wrong country page."

When I try to register it keeps signing me out :(

Has anyone had any experience in tracking finance purchases through GA? I'm on the hunt for any useful resources if anybody knows of any!

Hi all, has anyone had any experience in getting a Google Maps listing permanently removed rather than a permanently closed message?

A colleague of mine has tried on several occasions to have a listing removed however it still appears months later with the permanently closed message. The listing in question is for an old physical address that has not been trading for a long time but still appears when a brand search is made.

Any help much appreciated.

Hi all, having a bit of a nightmare at the moment trying to remove a sitelink that we do not want displaying when people do a search for a brand name.

We do not want the page to be non-indexable, but we do want the sitelink association removed from the homepage. I have submitted a request to remove the URL and all it's variations from being associated with the homepage but it still appears. Anyone got any thoughts on an alternative way to do this?


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