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People around the world are searching for ways to help #Nepal, as shown in this chart of searches for ‘Nepal’ and ‘help’ in various languages in the earthquake’s aftermath. For our part, we’ve launched Person Finder to help people find family and friends affected by the disaster, and we’ve made calls to Nepal from anywhere in the world 1¢/min (normally 19¢/min) to help people connect. We chose 1¢/min, instead of making calls free, to prevent spammers abusing the offer and adding more load to the already stretched Nepalese telephone network. More info at:
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This cat wins the internet!

So, I am finally going to break down and root my N7.  Should have done it a long time ago.  What is everyone's favorite toolkit/rom/recovery?

So first off, sorry if this question is redundant, but I haven't happened to see it anywhere else so far, but can you backup your Android home screen using Carbon like you can using MyBackup, or is this not possible?  +Koushik Dutta 
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