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Run Fat Boy Run
Once again the Olympics are almost upon us. The fastest, strongest and fittest from around the globe will compete in front of a television audience of millions. Then, following the completion of the Olympic games comes the Paralympics. Once again awesome ph...

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Dog Walking
If you own a dog, you need to walk it. Some people find this therapeutic, some people find it a chore. Either way, there is one aspect of dog walking that nobody likes. That is cleaning up the steaming presents that your canine pal leaves along our highways...

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It comes as no surprise that we have earned the tag Broken Britain. We never seem to finish anything. Whether it be building projects, road improvements or even wars, we just don't see the job through to the end. I've spent much of the last week finishing o...

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It always amazes me the extent to which brothers can differ. Just look at the Goering Brothers. Herman was a Nazi war criminal, whilst his brother Albert was a true humanitarian, who used his influence to save the lives of Jews during the holocaust. This is...

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Why do so many girls feel the need to take Selfies when they go to the toilet? My mate Harry walked in on his Granny on the toilet the other day. Due to her age, she is not really up to speed with modern technology. Not wanting the old girl to miss out, he ...

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According to Woburn Safari Park, sea lions are faster than humans both on land and in water. So if you're thinking of taking one on in a triathlon, it would probably be in your best interest to work on your cycling.

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Christmas Television
Once again Christmas is upon us. On the big day, countless folk around our great nation will be tucking into a turkey dinner, accompanied by an abundance of booze. They will then settle down as a family in front of the television to feast on a vast array of...

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Chopping Onions
I can't believe that some people actually cry when chopping onions! I don't even cry whilst chopping puppies!

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At this time of year, our television screens are bombarded with Christmas adverts. As usual, the big debate is raging as to which advert is the best. Last year, John Lewis won hands down. Not so this year. Their pitiful offering featuring Monty the penguin ...
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