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People helping people achieve financial success.
People helping people achieve financial success.

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Check out this video on what you need to know before you apply for a Home Equity Loan. For more info contact our Personal Bankers!

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Navy veteran Brad Langham and his wife Michele, had always wanted to open a canine training center to train law enforcement and security dogs. Learn more about how their dream turned into reality. #securitydogs  #policedogs

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It’s a good idea to review your insurance coverage and premiums annually for better value.  Marilyn Randazzo was frustrated with the way things usually work in the #insurance industry, so she took matters into her own hands. Read Marilyn’s story here: #autoinsurance #lifeinsurance #homeinsurance

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Summer is almost here and having a swimming pool in your backyard would be great summer fun!  But adding a pool is expensive and requires coordination, flexibility and patience.  Think about your loan in terms of how fast you need the money, the phases of payments for the pool (some money up front, and at various points of the process), and getting the best rates.  Homeowner Express Loans fund fast with no fees and no equity required, but if there is equity in your home a Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit would offer a better rate.
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 If you are carrying a lot of debt with excessive interest rates you might want to get out the calculator and see if consolidating some of that debt into a single loan makes sense for you. And if your balances exceed 30% of your combined available limits, this could also be hurting your credit score.  Determine which debt to consolidate and which loan products would work best for your situation.
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Home improvement projects can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to paying for them. Home improvement credit cards carry high interest rates, but your local bank or credit union may offer better options. Compare Home Equity Loans, HELOCs, Homeowner Express Loans, and Homeowner Express Lines of Credit to find out which is best for you:
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Business owners: Yes, there is more than one way to purchase or finance a commercial vehicle. Consider these options before deciding whether to use cash, your line of credit, or a lender to finance your commercial vehicle. #financetips   #businesstips   #commercialfinance   #commercialvehicles  

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If you aren't putting a down payment on your new car and are financing more than the value, you should strongly consider saying "YES" when your finance manager mentions GAP insurance.
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Did you know that the state of Texas will only transfer vehicle ownership to the heir or heirs of an estate after the loan has been paid off and satisfied? More on the Inheritability of Vehicles in Texas here.

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Thinking about selling or trading in your car?  This article discusses 8 ways to prep your vehicle so you can get the best offer for it. #sellyourcar #tradingin #fridayfinance
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