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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
- The LDMF Foundation - The Netherlands
- The LDMF Foundation - The Netherlands


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Multidisciplinary Archeology 9+ Expeditions in Eurasia
Online Presentation:

9+ Locations visited in Eurasian Expeditions 1997-2017
The Netherlands

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Matrix-Q Games

New games have been added to the public list of available games for players.

"In what kind of realm do you wish to play ? Choose your game and join us in the adventure of the Matrix-9+ Game Generator.

Researchers are welcome to explore on these ideas and try them out.
Matrix-Q Games apply both, PTT Primordial Algorithms and Matrix 9+ Game Generation Design Principles.

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“The SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities”, new book by the Ɵ Foundation & the online platform with holistic strategic management tools for the 9 types of SDG Entrepreneurs.ɵ-foundation-the-online-platform-9b9791c45642

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Holistic Strategic Management of the Human Capital @ The Ɵ Foundationɵ-foundation-2046af945ab8


How do we quantify the holistic value of human capital ?

Why a rank system, chain of command would be necessary in our modern global culture?

Consider that an individual has capacity in 7 of 9 fields of skills, defined by an holistic assessment system. Another individual in 4/9. Others 1/9, 8/9, 4/9. But which are those fields and which is their level of expertise, and how much would that cost, would be a profitable return, can be monetized, quantified, predicted a point of return or profit, can be considered as an asset or as a potential resource, or how much would be the investment necessary in order to transform the holistic human potential into an asset of the organization?

When and how human capital makes out of its potential a foundation for advanced effectiveness, capacity of responsible application of skills, knowledge, experience, information ? When the holistic potential of an individual or collective of individuals, becomes a value, reference for decision making, for example regarding HHRR, for example, for the purpose of assigning to a candidate a role, job position, at decision making level (CXO)?

Why to invest in holistic strategic management of the HHRR (Human Factor, Human Potential) ? How to unlock, unleash the human potential ?

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WHAT KIND OF SOCIETY DO YOU WISH ? The Ɵ Foundation is creating new digital realms, A.I. & V.R. simulations of alternative social, cultural and civilization management models.

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The 9+ Economies ( Why to utilize 3 or 9 coins would be better for a holistic sustainable future ? )

The blind spot is simple: there are 9 parallel regions or fields of value, wealth, that the modern economy is not paying for. Once these 9 regions of economy are acknowledged, and the economy system adjust itself to their reality, any transaction of value (goods, services, wealth, property, money) will help any or all of these economies to become sustainable. Starting for the fact that time invested in tasks associated to any of the 9 economies will be paid for and have a reasonable value, justified then the adjustment of time management by observing the needs of process associated to each of the 9 economies.

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